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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sabah bah bah bah

it has been a long time since i've updated my blog, hu. Laziness forbid me from updating.HAHA. Besides, don't know what to story until the day i went to Sabah.

On 2nd of April 2011, i followed my father to Sabah for vacation under his office's program (btol ke ni?whtevr). We depart from Lcct at 6.55 a.m (naik air asia je). Fyi, it is the first time i ever fly to oversea by air asia flight. The seat is not so comfortable due to the lack of spaces. What do you expect from the cheapest air fare company in Malaysia?ha.

As soon we arrived at KK*short form for Kota Kinabalu*, we've been accompanied by a hilarious plus crack tour guide namely Syamsul but he asked us to call him *Sam*.haha..Sam entertained us along the journey to our hotel with his stupid jokes that you cannot resist to laugh. Before we reach our hotel, he took us to historical place named Menara Tun Mustapha. According to the history, that tower is built upside-down which means that, a normal building should be built from its base to its top, but this tower is built from the top to its base. The British use the helicopter to build this incredible tower. In addition, this tower is made of glasses that can withstand the speed of wind of more than 270km/h which means, the tsunami or tornado cannot rip off this building from its roots.HAHA.

The sun is scorching our heads at that time. After taking some pics, we continue our journey to the hotel. The next morning, we went to Kundasang to see the view of mount Kinabalu. I never been to Sabah before, so this is my chance to see the highest mountain in Malaysia with my own eyes yeay.

After lunch, we went to Kolam Air Panas near the Kundasang village. They say that the water can cure your scabies (if u have one.haha), but i really didn't trust the fact because the water is not flowing as like in Indonesia which its geiser is flowing like a river. Do you think the sulphur contained in the water really kills the bacteria on your legs?i think not....they just accumulate the bacteria and make your legs worst even more. And so me, my dad and sis decided to do another activity which is canopy walk!

It's like jungle-trekking, but the most fun part is when you want to cross the 10 meter long bridge with height of  30 meter above the ground. scared of you...hahaha.

At night, we went to a Chinese Restaurant(yulk) to eat seafood. There, we've entertained by Sabah's Cultural Dance.lalalala

The next morning, we went for shopping at Filipino Market. When you go to Sabah, you should buy the 'kuih cincin'. It tastes nice and delicious. We catch our flight at 5.55p.m.

The truth is there's a lot more to tell, but i'll make it short.HAHA.lazy me.