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Monday, June 28, 2010

What Im doing Right now?

Ello!!HAHAHAHA!!what im doing rite now??laughing la..HAHAHAHA!!

Today, when I woke up late as usual, i open my mom's laptop instantly mcm biase everyday-routine..huhu..

Connecting to the streamyx>>>>LOADING>>>>CONNECTED!!

Common things that i do are Sign in my FB, play LordofUltima, checking my blog's views(haha), checking my gmail, sign in my formspring..
searching for Bloody Monday Season 2 on the web for downloads..hehe

Then, i go back to my FB page to check recent updates from my friends and I FOUND THIS!HAHAH

sorry u all, x dpt  paste terus ke blog sbb ade mslh technical..sorry k!

comment: vocal boleh tahan nk sebut "s" bermslah sket..HAHAHA!!jahat nyer aku..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a sad day..

huhu, today i got my result and it disappointed me so much...really missed my u all know that my target is 3.7 above and it didn't reach..

maybe i dont have the chance to get a car, if im lucky enough..there will be a car, if not..say bye2..hoho..

The good news is i've beaten khai, safuan, miley and bean, but the bad news is i've lost to wanie..hoho..she got 3.82 ma..for her gpa and 3.81 for her cgpa..tinggi lorh...

i really byk main dis sem, and i deserved my im up to degree program and dis time i will not playing around anymore and i will stay focus and focus and focus...Ya Allah, give me guidance for me to achieve a great success..Amin..

My pointer? i dont want to mention it, but still got Dean's list :))... but still terok la..whatever..the thing is already passed..just forget about it and continue our life..LIFE MUST GOES ON..

if u want to know my pointer just kindly ask me..hehe..:))(but it's up to me to tell you or not..haha)

bye, want to sleep..i stay up until 6 am just to help my friends checking their results..hoho..pnat woo..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

South Africa Vs. France


Happy face..

                                                                                                                              Sad & dull flag..

Last night i watched match between south africa and france who had won the world cup once in 1998 at 22.00 (GMT+8.00).
At the beginning, both team had shown a great play, but it changed when south africa managed to score a goal by Bongani Khumalo at 20th minute..haha..all of the france players became 'menggelabah tetek la'..haha..
Then south africa again scored a goal by katlego mphela at 37th minute..lg menggelabah la die..
after the first half, maybe the france team tried ti change their strategies by putting in thierry henry in exchange to cisse who didn't performed well in the first half..

Atlast, france managed to score a goal at 70th minute by malouda..nasib baik ade score gak, klu tak..muke nk ltk mne??

woish!it's hurt!left-sibaya, right-gourcouff(red card)

maybe it's hurt or maybe it don't. Sibaya who had been takcled by Gourcouff managed to play back in the game after the referee gives Gourcouff a red card.whoa..but i think france really play badly and aggressively this time..but south africa play fast & clean in the game.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Laughing Gas V2

ini mmg keje inilah yg akan dilakukan oleh setiap pelajar yg ingin melepaskan tension final exam..hahahahah

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomorrow is like the way it should be

Hoho..sudah lame aku x meluangkan maseku utk menulis blog..aku sibuk dgn muvis n download+lord of ultima..

Lord of Ultima??what is that? Multiplayer online game..maybe u think that i'm not cool enough to play that game or maybe you think that i'm such a childish little guy but the truth is, i really addicted to it..
For the boys u should try this game cuz it teaches you how to rule a country and conquer! (future prime minister,,haha)

Btw, my house is having renovation and it really pissed me off! when you heard the sound of drilling and hammering, you'll feel like you want to tell the workers "weyh babi, ko leh diam sket x?aku nk tgk muvi ni..".
hahah...sorry for the rude words, but i just cannot stand it.

the best thing is, i will have a new room, big one(hehe) and new kitchen..haha..yela..u know that my parents will be retiring so they want to live in a new and comfortable house after they retired.

According to Uniten, we'll(my batch) be living in Harmoni for our next semester(first degree). I'm really dissapointed to hear that..huhu..because i will leave my beloved apartment and room..



 Luahan isi hati jap :
Harmoni dh la kelam, x ceria, x best and jauh dr tmpat tunggu klu aku x dpt keta tyme degree nnti..abes la aku..but i'll make sure that will happen(evil laugh)...leceh la uniten ni..aku bru je adapt ngn environment kat Bistari, dh kene tuka lak..

p/s: btw, tomorrow aku nk kuar ngn suhayla..haha..first tyme kuar ngn pompuan dua2..(kwn jek)..wish me luck..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

kenape ko takut?

takut xleh maintain pointer n x dpt keta..huhu..

Ask me anything

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long Trip from Muadzam

First of all, I would like to officially announce that FiNaL eXAm is OVER!!

haha..i'm so glad that all of my suffers has come to an end ...
I went back home from Muadzam by Khai's car yesterday..It was a very tiring trip..I think it's because I didn't sleep at all along the trip..but i've slept a little bit but just 'tdo2 ayam la'.
Many obstacles we need to get through like overtaking a big lorry...hahah..that's a very hard work you know..but the thing that i cannot stand is when Mun's driving the car  shifting with Khai..He drove the car like there's mafia or somewhat gangsters chasing after us..hoho..scared and horrified!

Drove until the meter reached 140km/ but safe..(ye ke?haha)..but the thing is i'm  afraid of The Speed! I don't want to die at my early age..haha..I've  never drive a car more than 100 km/h..did u believe in me?haha..It's the truth! I never lied!(hehe).

As soon we arrived at KL, we went to Hanif 's house at T.T.D.I.(Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) because Haziq a.k.a bean wanted to give back his speakers that he borrowed. Hanif really has a big house!but i've seen a bigger one than his..hehe..then we went to OU to have heard me people..Chillis!yeah!

Now i've finished my foundation and it's time to make a move!cheah..haha..Degree is not a playtime but a serious matter! No more play and struggle to achieve the best results!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Updates..4 dis week..

Final Exam finish another 2 days. 2 paper left. Academic Study Skills N Business management.

Targeted pointer: 3.7

p/s: sorry izzah, ciplak ko nyer post jap..hehe

my parents would be mad if my pointer jatuh from the last pointer, 3.88..but my premonition tells me that i'm not getting  >3.8  for this, nk wat cne lg..hoho..redo je la..

sorry mom & dad, i can't maintain my pointer..huhu..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Senam Tari a.k.a. Big Event

I won the lucky draw!!haha..lucky me..(only a glass)hihiihih

This morning, i had an aerobic session (senam tari) at the Wisma. Pn. Rohaida asked us to come to that aerobic thingy and as a reward for attending that thing, we'll be rewarded 5-10% bonus marks for our final paper..haha..besides, we'll also be rewarded scorun and certificates for that stupid thing..haha..

I just need 2 hours to be stupid and that's all..(tahan sket..haha). After the first 1 hour, we rest about 15 minutes and the vice chancellor gave out the prizes for lucky draw, best dress and best participant..lucky me i win the lucky draw..heheh.. for the best dress, naqiu win for that title and for the best participant my friend wanie win the overall prize..

After that, we continue our session for another 1 hour, me and moon hiding beside the uniten bus because we don't want to do the stupid thing..haha..

End of session.......

The vice chancellor buy all of us a lunch, we've managed to take away the leftover home..hehe(saved)