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Friday, February 26, 2010

A total lost..

Selipar jepun or recognized as fancy flip-flop had been used commonly among the teenagers or mostly by the university student like me..

Today, i went to a mosque at section 18, Shah Alam for Jumaat prayer with my dad, wearing Giordano t-shirt black in colour with 'kain pelikat' which is green in colour. We went there early about half an hour before azan.

As we arrived, i went directly into the mosque to do solat sunat tahiyyatul masjid (chewwah) while my dad went to buy Harakah paper outside the mosque. As for today is a special day for umat Islam because today is the day where our great leader, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. was born. We called this day as Maulidur Rasul  and we celebrate it every year.

Before the Jumaat prayer, there is 'ceramah' regarding Maulidur Rasul. After the azan, we listen to the Khutbah given by the same ustaz. That ustaz is really professional because he gave the Khutbah without a script. That's a true Muslim!(spiritual,,haha).

After we finished Jumaat prayer, i found that my smart selipar jepun/fancy flip-flop is gone..damn..i spouted the curse words to those who stole my favourite selipar jepun..but in the end, i just tawakal and take it as a task given from Allah..(chewwah)..

My selipar jepun is look like this but mine is lg smart la..haha :

What a loss..sob3..sedap kot selipar jepun tuh..x smpai sebulan pon aku yg dok kat section 18 ni miskin sgt ke smpai selipar pon xleh nk beli..?Actually, aku selalu solat jumaat kat masjid blakng umh aku jek, but today my dad ajak gi solat jumaat kat section 18 tu..aku pon follow je yg aku dpt..huhu..
xpe2..ade hikmah disebalik kejadian yg menimpa..haha

I need a pain killer now...


When u see that symbol, as their students, we should be proud because it's a natural phenomenon for people who will proud of the place they studied.

but this quotes proved nothing but a come UNITEN can produce professional students when they didn't prove to us that they also's a lie..totally lie..

here is the updates of uniten:

Notice for Foundation Students Trimester 2 2009/2010

Students completing their Foundation Program and due to join the Degree Program on 5 July 2010 (Semester 1, 2010/2011) are advised to check your examination results online from 25 February 2010 (8PM onwards).

This is just a bunch of thrash..those highlighted words show that uniten is a liar..big one!
Today is 25 February 2010 and it's almost 12 in the morning right now..
I've waited so long, in vain and frustrated..

When i scrolled down the page, it tells me this>>*ALL DATES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

but if u said so, why then u didn't give us the notice when exactly the results will be out if the results are not going out tonight..?

I really2 don't understand the system, not punctual like last trimester>credited to JPA students..i hope this trimester will be on time but it turned out to be the same like the old times..
Don't make us waiting like we don't give a damn to this whole thing, but we do care..


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what i meant up there is not famous or some kind of taste like 'pedas', tp hakikatnye ialah..THE WEATHER!!~
i think since yesterday i felt like the weather is too~ hot that i can't withstand the excessive heat..Now i'm at my cousin's house at Bukit Kuda, Klang (mesti you never heard of this place...because this morning i got a call from Umar*real name*..haha..he ajak me pon follow je ah..dh bosan dok umah..

i went here by KTM(keretapi Tak penah Masyuk)..lembab..i wait half an hour for the train to arrive..sial..nk mencarut ade gak..In the train, aku dgr la ade org talking about the hot weather that melanda pantai barat now(i think)..the rumours is real..mmg panas pon, i think it's just my feeling jek..pastu smpai2..ade la makcik ni bersama anak kecil nyer..ingin meminta tlg.."adik, leh tlg makcik belikan tmbang KTM ke KL sentral x?sbb td duit mak cik hilang kat dlm tandas td.."

Do u think i lend her my money or not..??(dh la duit tinggal ciput jek, seb baik abah kasi RM10 td..huhu)
Do u think i should trust and pity her?

To be continued....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(den..den..den..)

hahah..xde ah..
aku kasi gak makcik tu duit RM5 je ah..sbb the rest i want to use it later...ok la..
i felt sorry for her little child but not the makcik..muke makcik tu cam penipu!!hahah...

baik kan aku??

-The end-

Monday, February 22, 2010

CU ak Seyh~

Pada post kali ni, aku xde pe nk diceritakan because there's no new event that i've encountered during the past 3 days. Hal ini disebabkan, aku tidak kuar umah..bgn pg bukak laptop, bukak FB, chatting,eat, drink and that is all..lame isn't it? that's the truth..nk kuar pon xde duit..hahah..

I buat post ni pon because i wanna tell you about last friend, miley *not a real name* die buat satu prank nih yg menyebabkan my heart stop beating for a second. When i was watching Kasanova XXL on9 kat website, i dpt lah msg kat FB dr izzah menyatakan yg result final dh kuar..hahah..i agak tersentap di situ..for me time is like stop at a moment when i saw that very contagious words>>'result dh kuar weyy'..dgn menggigil nyer tgn aku meng-click website and check my account and unfortunately...no3...that's not the word,,,,fortunately...hahah...xde results lg...i am very grateful because i'm not ready yet for the moment to see my results..i found it was a prank and i really terlayan la..hahah..terkena la pulak!

Then, kluar lah byk unpleasant words from my mouth due to the prank job made by miss miley genius..that's great...she just bored because she got nothing to do and she had actually achieved her goal in making people nervous especially me n izzah..


Friday, February 19, 2010

valentine versus percy jackson

valentine is about love and romance while percy jackson&the lightning thief (PJLT)is an action+ancient history kind of movie

valentine - there's conflict between the lovers like having an affairs with someone, in the same time you are in condition where you have family and lovely wife to take care of.

PJLT - there's conflict between the Gods based on the story of the ancient Rom thousand years ago was brought forward in a modern world. 

valentine - there's too many conflicts which involved a lot of people that makes the audience a little bit of confused, you must watch the whole movie attentively to understand the whole story.
PJLT - when percy got into the training camp in preparation to face Hades(the god of hell). It doesn't makes any sense because the part where he got to train himself is a little bit too short..and in a one glance, he has the ability to fight like a real demi-god..bla..bla..bla..tah pape bangang..(kisah fantasi..biah ah)

valentine - 3.5/5 stars
PJLT - 4/5 stars

P/s: you should think carefully before you choose the right story when you go to the cinema..(as for me, aku bantai jek, dh bosan dok umah, tgk je ah cte ape2 kat cinema tuh,hahah)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night i spent my day from mornin' until the next morning...haha..In the morning, my cousins and i go to Jusco bukit Raja, Klang to watch Percy Jackson & the lightning thief..pergh..mmg terbaik nyer..the movie is about dewa2 Zeues,Athena, Poseidon, but the thing is, all of these are very 'syirik' just to influence people to be 'murtad' by believing all of those things..

As for me, i just take it as my own entertainment and not for real..i know that this movie is one of the 'propaganda' from the christian religion in order to destroy the in THE ARRIVAL..(for those who never had a chance to watch THE ARRIVAL, just type in the YOUTUBE the keywords and you will see the truth what's going on in this world).

The media had closed/cover the eyes of the people in order to accomplish their mission ordered by the Lucifer..

okk..that's enough, this is too religious..orite just close the topic,
the thing is that i wanna say is that movie is quite 'mantap' and you should go for it!

After watching movie, I lepak2 at my cousins' house until lps Maghrib. Then, my uncle want to take us for karaoke at Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang (not Bukit Raja k?) is the second biggest jusco in Asia for real..That place charged 'satu kepale' RM50 but you can eat while you's in the package, buffet lorh..amik sendiri, u can eat until you die..haha..

I managed to sing  the song 'hero' from enrique englesias(slh eja kot) and 'lagu jiwa lagu cinta' from bdo jek..haha..tu pon terpakse..when i sang, i felt like my voice is pulling my stomach out through my oesophagus  out of my bangang..All the ten of us karok until 2 a.m...gile x?since 9 p.m..lame tuh..

pastu, my uncle ajak la pulak mkn supper kat kampung kuantan..i didn't eat because i'm already full so i just drink 'limau nipis'. lepak2 until the clock is nearly 3 a.m and we went back home..tiring but enjoyable..

Sunday, February 14, 2010


akhirnye..aku telah tibe di ke rumah dgn selamatnye, syukur kepada Yang Esa..jika tidak, mungkin aku sudah tiada dari bumi yg nyata serta indah ini (kias2 sket).

ok, straight to the point la..aku bertolak dr bestari dlm kol 8pg ke terminal, sorang2 jek naik cab, habis melayang RM5 ku begitu sahaja, ku igtkan dpt la 'tontong' ngan org len, tetibe pg tu mmg aku sorang je yg bas kol 8.30, x leh nk wat pe lah...terpakse la sacrifice sket..

Sampai2 terus ku ltk bagasi2 aku ke dalam perut bas(tmpat ltk bagasi), aku terserempak ngan lutfi beserta awek's(bukan jamak tp pemilik). Aku tlh ditakdirkan duduk seat disebelah perempuan yg agak solehah la..(mungkin), itu sume dr segi luaran la..ini semua hanye tanggapan aku semata-mata, xde kaitan dengan yg hidup ataupon yg tlh meninggal dunia. Gadis dara itu bernama Ulfa( xtau la btol ke x aku eja ni, biaq ah). Beliau merupakan seorang yg pemalu selepas beberapa jam aku lepak+borak ngan die..same goes to me..

TETAPI, klu ikutkan observation wanietolala(bukan nama btol), berdasarkan kajian beliau selama 7 bulan 20 hari 11 jam 40 minit 51 saat (hanye estimation semata-mata tp bukan provision)..beliau tlh mengatakan bahawa Ulfa itu seorang yg'm disagree with that because from my point of view, she's a shy and graceful woman NOT CUTE as wanietolala(bukan nama btol) said at>>> location: midvalley, venue: MPH bookstore kt starbucks..

cut the story jap
aku pegi midvalley nk tgk wyg cte percy jackson & the lightning thief tp tiket dh sold out..siot...niatku untuk melihat/menonton kisah fantasi yg diarah oleh former director of harry potter (ye kot)...mesti best!!aku tgk thriller dh ckup menggempakkan..pergh...terbaik!!hahah...

aku borak2 la ngan ulfa drpd awl smpai la smpai ke kuala pilah..kami makan-senyap tengahari bersama-sama (hahahah)..tgk cerita P. Ramlee yg disiarkan di Astro Prima tru LCD TV yg bersaiz lebih kurang 32' (estimation)...mungkin btol atau pon mungkin tidak..pas2, aku berasa pening kepale yg teramat sgt dan terus ku melenakan diriku smpai la tiba di KL..aku bosan lalu aku meng-text wanietolala(bukan nama btol) dan mengajaknye tgk wyg (td aku dh ckp) di TS (times square)...

fast-forward sket---------

aku pon queue kat lane utk membeli tiket wyg..(pnjg gile bhai), maklumlah...public holiday..mmg ah..kemudian alangkah sedih+malangnye+kecewa+punah hati yg suci ini bila aku diberitahu org yg jage kaunter tiket berkenaan mengatakan seat tinggal yg separate jek..takde yg sebelah2..mmg hangin la aku..pnat aku queue..redo je la..aku ni kan seorang yg penyabar..ini semua ujian buat aku..hahaa...aku menerima nye dgn ati yg terbuka(poyo gile)..pastu bile tension aku pegi starbucks, on9 kat situ..smpai 2 jam lamenyer...(sementara itu tolala dan rakannye jln2 mencari kasut kesukaan mereka)..pastu dlm kol 6.30 ptg aku blah dr TS pegi ke MID lak..sbb mak ngan kakak ku ade saving..aku pergi la mid..takde la bazir duit aku beli tiket smpai shah alam..

p/s: tiket KTM dari Sentral kuala lumpur ke midvalley hanye RM1 (arah seremban), aku tlh saving sebanyak RM15 hari ini..hahah..wyg+tiket KTM..yes2..aku seorang yg berjimat-cermat!!