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Monday, January 18, 2010

internet xde for the whole month until next sem..haha

so, there is no post for the a month!!..sabar je ar..tension ade gak..ini sume sbb gara2 person in charge of all surat..bil celcom aku, mne tah die ltk..bengong..skrng dh xleh nk byr..kene gi celcom center gk ar..

skrng nk on9 sume kat library..sedeyh gak ar..


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

nk lg markah..

i haven't write my blog for 3 days, busy with the english and business maths midterm,

Today is a bit frustrating but kinda 'redha' je la, be grateful to Allah that had given you the permission to get that marks.

Of course la Alhamdullillah,i got 49.17/60 for the costing midterm marks, frustrating because i didn't get 50 something for my marks, that's my target but i missed it already..biaq lah!!(loghat kedah). tadi i SMS my mom about my marks and she said, "apesal terok sgt ni?". then, i malas nk balas blk because my mom ni jenis high expectation sket, she expects me higher like my sis. 

The reality is i'm not as good or let me say PERFECT like my sis. I cannot be like her. Between me and her, there's a lot of differences like she's hardworking person but i'm a lazy bum, she loves to read books/stories but i hate reading. That are the major/critical/contrast/comparison between me and my sister.

Takpe2, midterm marks carries only 20%, if i kira, i got 16 over 20. ok la tuh..more than 15. nnti final exam kite pulun smpai habis until the vein in my brain stretched to the max.haha..smpai gila leh gak..

And another one, markah utk quiz 1 and 2 QA, dua2 terok and cam rubbish. Aku xleh nk accept la..inilah the consequences yg aku dpt kerana terlalu ambil mudah subjek maths ni or people said take for granted, x wat latihan kot..aku bace pastu teros amik quiz..igt STAR abes la..haha..take that la..that is for thinking that maths is easy and no need to do execises..

i'm totally wrong and i realised how important to do exercises. I heard people said that if you do a lot of exercises regarding maths problems, you can sharpen your brain. That's what people say la, x tau la btol ke x..kene try la..

I have some stories about Hazim Mahayadin, he's my ex classmate in 2008, kelas 5 bestari. Sebelom die jd STAR dlm klas aku, die dlu tyme f2 klas bwh dr always look down on people, that's why i'd been given fate like bile naik f3 die masuk klas aku. Aku pon agak suprising la..but still i look down on him.

One day, aku lepak la kat meja die, because meja kitorang dlm formation group, ala mcm kat kinder garden. Aku selalu lepak kat group die sbb kat situ ade Zul, dulu aku mmg baik ngan zul nih..every time i lepak kat group die, aku mesti nmpak die tgh wat latihan maths..klu die xde kat meja die, buku latihan maths die confirm ade ats meja die..i think he's too obsess with maths kot..haha..but the thing that i wanna to tell you is, after he made that as his routine, his brain become sharper and brighter. Bile dh masuk f4, die dh jd STAR klas..HEBAT KAN?

p/s: die skrnag dh ade kat UK (bukan ulu klang tau)

So, the moral of the story, kite takleh amik something tu sebagai bende yg mudah even though kite berkemahiran dlm subjek tertentu, but a hardworking person produces a good result.

Jom kite jd rajin...*serious*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010's trip

Hello people,

i think this is the longest blog i've ever had (with pictures la). Before i begin, i would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Selangan Tazkirah sat,
Kepada sesiapa yg ske menyambut new year, harap berhenti daripada tabiat tersebut kerana menyambut new year ini umpama menyambut kelahiran Tuhan org Kristian. Sesiapa yg dh tau tetapi still melakukannye, hukumnya MURTAD dan sesiapa yg belum tau akannya, maka org tersebut dihukum Fasiq/berdosa besar.
Now i felt so guilty to write this blog, but i think this is my last new year's celebration.

p/s: i knew this tru my friend

At 8.30 AM, i went to the terminal and we leave Muadzam at about 8.45 AM, the bus late again as usual.
The journey to KL consumed about 5 hours long. Very exhausting and pening. Good thing the bus always stop at Kuala Pilah for half an hour.

Then we arrived at KL at 1.00 PM something. The plan is going well until wanie's paksu wat hal..sebenarnyer parents die yg wat hal. so wanie have to wait for her paksu to sent them to KL form Segamat.

We lepak at the mall (i forgot the name) in front of the Hentian Putra until wanie arrives. We went to Sungei Wang and jalan2 kat situ. There, i accidentally buy a new watch for myself because i cannot stand the smell of the watches(merepek). I bought the whining watch which is very cool to me as we need to whine it to make it move. The brand is Bregeuf tagged RM125 the cost.

Khai went for shopping.

After that, we went to a Nasi Ayam Restaurant in front of the BB PLAZA..Sedap Gile Nasi Ayam die..but kind of expensive.

Finished eating, got a call from wanie saying that she will waits us at KL Sentral. kitorang pon pegi je la..She said that her pak cu will take our luggage before we go to the curve. Sampai2, pak su die dh belah. Wanie said that she asked her pakcu to go because tomorrow her pakcu shift at morning. Frustrated and disappointed because we had to sacrifice RM10 to keep our luggage at KL biar la..

Then we rushed out of the KL sentral to catch the Rapid KL bus to reach the curve. The bus only stop at OU and we had to walk from there to the curve. Along the walk, we managed to see a concert held in front of OU. The situation at that night was very bising and full of people. All are waiting for the new year's countdown. The clock showed 11.55 PM as we arrived at the curve. The situation is really uncontrollable (costing). We wait and wait until the clock reach 12 in the morning..Poof!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to the World!!

The condition is like we are in the oversea (just a dream). People spray each other with the bubble sprayer (ntah touch up lg, but the fact it is a sprayer). We screamed like hell except for Ain la..she is a very religious girl not knowing that the new year's celebration is like this..haha..

After that, we lepak inside the mall and taking pictures cam ape tah..haha

Lps dh penat bergmbar, we lepak at Mcd until 5AM and khai's sis came to pick us up and sent us to KL Sentral back to get our luggage. Very tiring but Best! We take KTM to Bandar Tasik Selatan, from there we take a cab to reach wanie's aunty apartment.

After Solat Jumaat, we went for swimming. I'd experienced 'cram' kat kakiku after an hour swimming. Gile kan?Mungkin dh lame tak jejakkan kaki kt dlm air kot. After penat swimming, mak su serves us keropok goreng for tea time. We ate it while watching Ninja Assassin. Best gile kot cite tuh. i watched that movie twice kot. After we had our maghrib prayer (jama' serta Qasar), we move to our next destination which Mya's house.

Her house is at Putajaya located near Najib (Malaysian Prime Minister), Zahid Hamidi's (Defense Minister)house where all the the big people live. From Bandar Tasik Selatan, we take KLIA express to reach Putrajaya. As we arrived at Mya's house, i was amazed with her family's lifestyle (my taste la), i mean modern+western. Her family had a barbecue and we came to her house to finish all that foods..haha..

Stomach full of hot dogs, potato salad, ayam, beef and udang, we went upstairs to watch her LG plasma TV. About 11PM, we decided to watch movie at Alamanda (my memories) but all the tickets have been sold out(i guessed), then we went to bowling's place but all of the lane was full. We went back with frustration(kot). Sebenarnye dh penat nk kuar lg..So, smpai kat umah Mya, kitorang makan lg..haha..nafsu Kuda..Around 1AM, kitorang tido smpai la kol 8pg..missed Subuh again (tak tau kiblat katne). Wanie and Ain had to go back to her mak su's.

I woke up early that morning and play my PSP while waiting for Safuan and Khai to get awake. At noon, we had lunch together with mya's family..segan gak ar aku. After that Mya and her boyfriend, Buncit sent us to the KL Sentral and we went back to Hentian Putra by KTM. There, we met wanie and ain.

We arrived at Muadzam at about 9.45PM..
Tired but enjoyable.