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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

yeah! finished already 2hours quiz..

feeling relieve after finance's quiz had over...huhu..just feels like i am in an examination..but the fact, it is just a quiz..

mm,,just one thing, is it really a quiz???because a quiz usually needs us to do it at short time with simple questionnaire and not in 2 hours with a lot of questions...that's really f***ed me up!

Usually, i'm enjoying my quizzes,but just now is not the thing that i wanted,,,

tension la..why mr. zaidi teaches us like we are in the final year??giving a lot of home works and assignments really annoying me..hahah..because I DON'T LIKE ASSIGNMENTS/HOME WORKS/PRESENTATIONS/BOOKS and others that are related..

i like his(zaidi) knowledge and experiences throughout his life, but the thing is, he doesn't know how to make us understand, though we asked him personally after class,still difficult to understand his explanation..

so i end up clueless,disappointed and frustrated..

>>this post is just my honest opinion, so no offense,,,<<

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laughing gas..muahaha

i am healthy as ever now..syukur alhamdulillah..i had an early breakfast(not usual)this morning with Mun. We ate nasi lemak at an ordinary stall infront of the CRK(a famous place for uniten students lepak-ing)

On the way back to our apartment, Mun reminding me about the laughing gas he told me about,haha..i feel very excited and said,"aah la mun,lupa lak psl laughing gas..jom2"

Arriving at my house-----------------------

i took 10 minutes time to confirm either i want to do it or not because i'm afraid that the gas will affects my brain or something..but mun said,"leks ah, aku dh tanyer cikgu chemist aku dlu..die kate gas ni paling sket chemical die..".so, i did it..haha

this is my second video taking laughing gas,but my first one lg terok..haha(smpai meleleh air liur)

then this video displays together we take the laughing gas..haha(deleted, requested from my friend,sorry)

p/s: guys, please don't try this at home..haha..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Aku demam...

please...!!someone help me! i don't like to get sick but this is task given by Allah..redha je la..
my body feel cold though my body is's natural for people who get sick especially me...

i need to recover my health by tomorrow..>>izzah, wanie(g kuantan), bella(haha) tlg aku...please3..>>i'm tired of this..coughing and coughing and don't have appetite to eat my delicious foods..(nasi set2, nasi campur,burger,,huhu)


i cannot write this post anymore..tired..want to sleep and hopefully tomorrow i wake up, i will be as healthy as ever..

(post ini agak ngada2 la..haha)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


GMT +8.00 : 5.30a.m

i wrote this post because i wanna tell u what i'm doing right now at this early morning..i'm not awake from my sleep but i accidentally didn't notice what the time was..haha..

i play guitar just now practising scaling and plucking taught by munain and my favourite song, Crumbs by Disagree..the song like so cool and sentimental, u should try google it and hear it yourself..fooh!..until the 4 hours of playing felt like just 1 minute..huahua..

so, bosan2 tulis la post ni..haha..xnk tdo..i wait until Subuh prayer(so nice of me..hehe)

never mind i will wake up late this morning because today is holiday!yeay!so no worries..but just for this week only la..because sir zaidi(macro&finance lecturer) wants to change our schedule back to the original..damn..

that's the bad news, the good news is next week, student from oversea (not sure which country) will come to Uniten Musha to study together with us and my class has been chosen!yeah!..this is the exchange student program(aku tacap), so maybe nnti lak, uniten pula yg akan antar student nyer ke oversea..heheh..hopefully me la..(just a dream)

k la..the time is almost 6a.m...i need to pray..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

now i think she is the best!

'she' is not referring to a girl/woman/bapok neither pengkit...hahah..but the term 'she' is referring to my lovely new maxis broadband..huahua..

Last week i went back home and managed to stop by at plaza lowyat, my friend wanie asks me to accompany her (miley pn ikot skali)to check on her hand phone which was entirely rosak..haha, sian ko wanie..sape suruh ganas+tough sgt..haha(no offense). I agreed with her plan because I also want to check on the broadband's promotion and intend to to buy a woofer.

The situation became worst when wanie ajak her boyfriend-to be (now dh kapel la) to join us..haha. Then, a stupid thing came as i went to maxis center in lowyat(Ground floor), i ask the agent,"bang, ad x package broadband yg RM48 tuh?", then he told me that the lowest payment per-month is RM68. WTF??my friend told me there's RM48 package for no modem..disappointed..frustrating..

then i saw a maxis booth at the center of i'm rushing to know if there's still available that RM48 package..then the agent said to me, "we have promotion for that RM48 price with free modem, u just have to pay RM18 for the first 5 month and there is trial...if u don't satisfied within that period, u can return back the modem and u will get your money back RM150".

then i said ok la,,,just testing...ape slhnye..

the speed in the city, agak lembab but the speed at musha(muadzam shah) laju gile..because there's few people using maxis' service..

P/s: so for those who live in rural area like muadzam shah, i recommend you buy this maxis broadband because it's super laju..but i think only for this time la,because if makin ramai org pkai maxis, makin lembab la kot cm celcom..haha..xpe after 5 month terminate la..haha

Friday, March 19, 2010

New broadband+New Woofer or not?

mm..let me think..comon..let us think..think]think]think](jimmy neutron) it a wasting of money or not?if u ask me..from my point of view and opinion, i strictly(haha) think that the woofer thing thing is not a waste because if u like a thing even though it costs u big money, but if u like it so much and u can't stand the heat of addiction flow inside your body, then it is not a waste.

may i present u!!this is the woofer EVO7!!..muahaha!!but mine is white in colour(much more outstanding,haha)

As for me..buying a woofer is not a waste although my best friend(wanie) told me not to..haha..i just can't stand it..the rhythm of the music came out from the woofer with the extraordinary bass sound..whooop!!haha..tumbuk kang!!pa tak dpt!!you can imagine la..haha...

i felt like to buy the thing that cost me RM145 after shafiq brought his woofer couple of days ago..when u turn on the woofer..pergh...the scenario where you're at change all of a sudden..huahua..gile la bhai..

THE WORST PART______________________________

i bought a new broadband modem(free) yesterday..very tiring because i've to carry my new woofer all the way to shah alam from sg wang..via monorail,KTM..gile pnat..(lari topic lak..haha)..the thing i wanna say is the speed is agak lembab disini(my home town), friends said that the speed of maxis broadband in muadzam is much faster than in the city..hopefully they're right..haha..i think i want to 'langgan' direct cable nyer..haha..bru la best..bru la unlimited sket..

i've got this problem after i use celcom broadband, and the speed was like damn lembab! so i need to change to other services that provide better speed and the important thing is the PRICE!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

battle of the bands' updates

i've left you guys a video live from battle of the bands Uniten KSHAS..haha..sure you guys wanna see the performace right?

the crews that help the selling at the battle of the bands in collecting fund 4 da tioman, thanx guys!!(haha..aku x wat keje..)

me with the crews..menyemak sekejap..huahua..

that's all..haha..tu je aku nk tunjuk..i'll be getting my broadband soon enough..hahah..


Friday, March 12, 2010

Tonight's show..


There will be 13 performances at that night..venue : Auditorium Uniten KSHAS..but the thing that i want to higlite about is i will be selling light drinks and snacks for the audiences, so they can eat while they enjoy!

Izzah said, food and drinks are allowed in the auditorium, but i think we cannot eat eat or drink in audi (that's in my secondary school la..i don't know about uniten, maybe different,haha..) i hope Izzah was right,kalau xleh bwk masuk..lingkup la bisnes kami..BISNES LINGKUP=NO PROFIT=NO TIOMAN..haha..bagos my money sket..

the show will begin at 8 pm, mmm..i hope all the performances will be great like we expected..that's all..


sebenarnye, aku nk balik dis week, but JPA hasn't give us the allowance that we should receive siot jek..merana aku..klu tak, if i can go back home, i can topup back my money and settle my broadband problem..(now i'm onlining at the library, what a crap,tiring and stressful..huhu..

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm so happy today!

Bukannye ape..hari ni la bru aku dpt tau result len dh tau lame dh..ssh kot nk terseksa..
nk kene naik bas gi wisma lg..pastu tanye, diorang kte kene naik tingkat 4 la pulak..naik lif lg( pnat lak..huhu)
Hati dh dub..dab..dub..dab..haha..cuak lah katekan..smpai jek kat 4th floor..aku terus gi kat helpdesk..ade la 2 org yg tgh uruskan add/drop budak2 yg x puas ati dgn klas mereka..huhu..sorang lelaki dan seorang lg wanita..
Aku terus meluru ke arah lelaki tersebut kerana wanita tersebut kelihatan sibuk..aku pn tanye politely(haha),"bang, leh sye check result final exam sye kat sini?sbb sye x dpt tgk dr aritu lg sbb id sye yg pelik tu"(bukan conversation yg sbnr ttpi ade tacap sket,,haha)..
Hati ku berdebar2...
kemudian lelaki tersbut berkata dgn mimik muke yg xleh belah"tahniah, anda dpt 3.88"..haha..xde perasaan langsung..siot jek..
anyway aku nye result same ngan wani(BFF), pastu aku klh kan khai ngan safuan, tu yg penting..kami saling bersaing utk same2 berjaya klhkan chinese(walaupon x dpt..haha)..

p/s: sorry ni dull sgt..aku gembira smpai xleh nk wat cntik2..haha..