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Monday, December 28, 2009

Best Gile reunion

Sabtu lps tlh 'berlakunye' reunion j.e.r.k.s(batch aku), tp aku x pg..nk wat transport. Lain la klu aku ade keta ke or maybe someone come down to pahang and pick me up..tu satu hal..aku terpaksa sacrifice reunion ni because aku dh promised, bkn promise la tp plan, that's the word..yg aku nk celebrate new year at the curve, KL. So, the plan is this week but the reunion is the week before so takkan aku nk blk 2 kali kot..pokai la bhai..yg diorang pon satu, gaye mcm jd x jd...tu sbb la..lgpon diorang plan after sume dh kompem pegi the curve except for bella la (huhu).

Maybe nnti ade org ckp,"ape la ko ni, mne semangat batch ko?".haha..biar la..maybe next time i will make it. When i look into all of the pictures taken at the reunion, rase cam aku pon nk gi zaim pon x gi..even though die ade transport. ape mcm?

about Tioman lak,

td kitorang discuss psl trip yg nk dianjurkan oleh bdk2 JPA kat discussion room at the library, best mmg best tp yg x best nyer diorang ajak budak lain gak..that's the worst part of it..tak best dowh...ade ke diorang nk ajak org yg tak brape kite knl..WTH?..nnti trip tu jd awkward la..kitorang discuss psl activities and create an organization supaya sng la nk bahagi keja..

PArt Gila

ade ke td dlm blk discussion, khai ckp,"cbe bygkan klu nnti bile dh bsr aku kawin ngan wani?". tak gune nyer kwn, all of a sudden aku terkena lak..mmg kitorang rapat as a friends je kot...klu kawin ngan bella takpe x kesah la..biar la..

The president of course la khai, vice jatuh kpd izzah and secretary diorang kasi kat bdk chinese, suit mei. Safuan lak jd penceramah agama yg 'bertauliah', haha...rosak gak ar budak2 skolah tuh..the main objective is to teach the students how to 'maki' org..haha..As for me..aku disuruh menjaga bahagian multimedia..leceh bhai..nk wat slide show lg..amik gmbar aku tlh ditugaskan bersama Mya. haha..


esok ade midterm economy, byk gile nk bace..part demand and supply is a bit confusing..memening..walaupon i've read the whole chapter 2 but still pening..i don't understand..biar la..tawakal je la esok..

k la..

tata titi tutu..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a rainy day

i'm feeling to write my blog in BM, as you know that i create this blog just to have people read about my life and majorly to improve my english, that's all. so, today i will write in bahasa+rojak.

Today i've managed to siapkan all of my assignments, ekonomi dgn business maths. For economy assignment, i didn't believe that aku boleh siapkan in a blink of an eye without anybody's help. Since aku masuk Uniten ni, my life's totally change, i became a very hardworking person and i can do it all the homework by myself. Dulu time skolah dulu, aku usually borrow my friend's homework because i don't have the konfiden dlm diri sendiri, what if i write the wrong answer?(berkata-kate di dalam hati), but all this thing had dispersed from my life ever since i stepped my foot on the UNI World..haha

Hari ini, aku mahu pergi ke Carnival/pasar sehari untuk membeli makan malam, tetapi hujan tlh menghalang aku drpd keluar dari apartment ini. Jd, i have to wait the rain to stop. Menu utk mkn tengahari aku ialah maggi goreng, i tried to save my money right now. Duit dh kering sbb beli benda yg not suppose aku beli..regretful-painful-empty stomach and lots of more.

Weekend ni is the same as the other weekend, let me tell you the common things that i do the whole weekend:
1. basuh baju+hang
2.on9 facebook and ym, tulis blog
3. main PSP
4. tgk TV
5. pegi Carnival
6. wat asignment (klu ade)
7. went to pekan to topup modal prepaid(klu abis)
8. kemas bilik klu rajin
9. tgk movie (klu dh abes dl)
10. tido (klu penat)
12. read Quran (klu dh rase keinsafan dlm diri)
13. the last option>>MENCANGAK

All of these are the common things that i did every weekend, boring isn't it?
Nk wat ape lg...tu je yg aku mampu..haha

that's enough for this post..haha..


Thursday, December 24, 2009

A clear sky day...

Time: 4.22 PM
Date: 24/12/09
Venue: Bistari Apartment (in the room)
Weather's condition: not so bad la..shady

I woke up 3 times after every time my alarm shouted at me, but my body won't let me. So, i slept until 8.30AM when zaim called me to breakfast with him. 

I'm too exhausted thinking about my costing midterm yesterday, how so frustrated i am when i can't answer all the questions properly makes me feel so damn worried, until right now. Too bad that i just studied 'ala kadar' and the results, i faced difficulties in the exam, my bad. There's nothing i could do to fix this thing.

But, one thing that makes me pissed off a little, when i ask my lecturer about how hard is the paper and she said to me, "Ala..kamu bace saje sume tutorial yg kamu dh buat kat klas,". Then i did what she told me to, but all the questions that came out are all damn rubbish. Not one question that is similar to what we did in class. 

So, yesterday ended in a cold way.

After breakfast, i went to zaim's room to play siege towers (DOTA) tru LAN. Kalah terok..haha..first timer kot..xpe2..bleh'll see

Monday, December 21, 2009

East Coast Wind..

Rain and rain again..every time i opened my window i will only see the cloud is always ominous. Now it's hard to do my chores > wash clothes, i don't have any idea on how to make my clothes dry at a faster rate like in 4 hours, 36 minutes and 30 seconds(total duration it needs to dry based on my calculation..bla..bla..).. in this wet season..haha
The weather is always wet and it's hard to go out from my apartment. I borrow a scooter from my so-called friends, anis, actually khai did the borrowing thing not me..haha..i'm very shy 'kot' ngan ladies ni..heheh..even though i don't have a motor license but for car, it is yes. My mom x kasi kot bwk motor...dangerous and cpt mampos..but it's a fun thing to do, u can feel the gile dowh..

Even though with the motor, i still can get wet. Many people will say, "why you don't take the Uniten Bus?". The Uniten went  service 'kot' for 4 days, so during that time lg la ssh nk kuar..but Muadzam pon, there's nothing interesting to see, rural gile bhai..

Just know we plan to cancel the trip to Pulau Tioman because the cost is very expensive. Each person must spend about RM370 for 3 days and 2 nights at Pulau Tioman. We tried to find sponsorship, we need to make a social service in order to acquire that sponsor. The people in charge takkan nk kasi utk kite bersuka ria jek..must have a thing that is related to education or give benefits to us or vice versa. As Mya, one friend of mine suggest that we should cancel that trip and go for Genting (pulak dh), the cost is much cheaper that the previous one.

i'm going to 'ponteng' Kor Uniten class boring la that's like that we're learning something that is not very important like marching, ikat kain anduk and other thing. All these things are not related to my course eventhough it is important for our everyday life, but i don't give a damn to all of these shit, wasting my time.
i'm going to study costing for my midterm this Wednesday and accounting for my quiz tomorrow..

That's all folks,


Saturday, December 19, 2009

What a lovely day

Mornin' everyone!

i woke up early today and didn't miss my Subuh prayer ATLAST!..haha..don't know what to do la..watching this movie, 2012 right after Subuh that my friends saved it into my laptop..

The movie is quite interesting as it is about THE END OF THE WORLD which is all not true or we can called it superstitious, but some part of the story is a bit true. It's true that the world has her own limit of ages but the time is not exactly on 20/12/12 because we don't know exactly when is the time the world reach her own limit but in Quran, there's said that the world will near her end after all the bad things or "ma'siat" have spread rapidly all over the world until "ma'siat" take over the world as you can see now. War is every where to see if you see that always involves the Muslims such as Pakistan, Iraq, and Baitul Maqdis.

As you can see, the Judaism is now are making their moves after all their preparation has been made. As example, they'd used the mind control as their method to make people trust in them and obey all of their orders..that's cruel and unfair!!
F**k Judaism!

Because they know their religion will last until the Judgement Day with the Islam, so they have take their steps in confronting this matter.
I think this is enough..Go to hell Judaism!

P/s: No offense! haha..sorry



Thursday, December 17, 2009

I think I've lost her..~

I don't know why and how?..but to me, i think i give up on her and just let it be..frustration~pulling me back from getting heart spoke to me that i need to let go of her and stop chasing her..

Maybe that's my destiny and there's no way i could help it..i'd stop SMS-ing with her anymore, only when there're important things to ask i called just to ask her about the 'doa akhir tahun at Wisma' and she didn't pick up my call and i felt frustrated...

No matter what i do, i don't know how to show her that i like her, but there's one night, i've confessed to her that i like her, but no answer from her, and after i told her that, since that very moment, she stopped contacting me anymore..

My mother said, "there's a lot of  ladies in this world, and your age is only 18 and there is lot of things you need to get through, your journey is still far".

Maybe this is the end...bla..bla..bla..
I think i should just study and stop thinking about having accompany in your life by a special person except FRIENDS!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When my hand started to shake

While holding the Stabilo Exam Grade 2B( i just lost it after exam), in front of the neat&clean little exam paper for midterm test, i don't know why it just happened to me like i'm freaking nervous,mm..yes i am!

When I open the paper my heart beats up faster than usual like it want to scream out of my body and said,"WHAT THE F**K IS THIS?!", the question was so tough like last final exam paper, but i think it's tougher. The depreciation on question 1 caused my hand shivering like i was in  a small room with air-conditioned and it's tuned to 0 degrees Celsius which is equal to 32 Fahrenheit, if i'm not mistaken.

But, the fact is, the DP1(Dewan exam) is so hot like hell even though the air conditioner is turned on+ the fan is turned on, but still the room is like a sauna to me.

All of the question are tough, i've managed to answer all of the question, but i'm not confident for the depreciation question, and the last question, i forgot to include the discount received, i'm totally forgot about it because i'm thinking about the disclosure thing, almost forgot to record the discount.
Silly me..arghh...damn..go to hell la all of these shit, the midterm for account is what's the big deal?..just forget about it..
Every time I think about this, it makes my head pains, so the solution, forget the past and Keep Moving Forward!! 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Should I or not ?

I'm thinking of buying African Congo Gray Parrot as a pet..It's interesting to keep it as pet or maybe as my pal because the bird can talk and easy to understand Humans, that's the best part of it.
Besides, its fur is very beautiful with gray-whitish colour of its whole entire body.
The bird can reach its maximum lifespan until 60 years old if well kept (depends on how you take care of it)

But, if  thinking again, all birds including this bird give smelly odour and it is messy for sure due to its SHIT spreading all over the cage.

But for now, it's not the right time to get the bird, maybe i'll buy it next year after i've got my own 'CAR' InsyaAllah, hope it come true..haha

But, thinking again..the price for each African Congo Gray Parrot is highly expensive..i don't know if it is worth to buy.

But, someone told me that if you like or admire something so much, it is worth to buy even though it costs you at a very expensive price.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lot and lots of assignment

It felt so peculiar to see my schedule for the whole week..mcm shial.
throughout the week, there's lot of assignment to do, but on the weekend, we just sit in front of the tv and said "bile nk ade cite best ni?", that's my routine for every weekend.
When there's none, i grab my PSP and play the Yu gi oh thing, Khai went sleeping and Safuan pula sit in front of his desk and play with his hand phone (disturbing the girls, maybe).

Today, i'm planning to settle all of my assignment in one day, because i need to do revision for accounting because there's midterm on Wednesday next week.
For me, accounting is a bit tough than the others, so i need to prepare my damn umbrella( before it's raining+kilat+guruh, so that's why.

Now, i'm struggling to understand+final blow the costing even it makes me f**cking confused. Costing is easy to understand, but if the question twist a little bit, same goes to my head..haha.

I need a catalyst to boost up my energy to accomplish my goal, but the catalyst (refer to a person) is now gone for awhile..bla..bla..bla..

If i don't care about all these damn things, i would say " MAM LA SUME NI!!"

but the fact is, i do care about all of these because for the sake of my mom, she said to me,"blaja rajin2, dptkan 4 flat and kalahkan the chinese,"
so, by hook by crook, i need to settle it.

p/s: pg td aku bgn subuh kot..gile bhai..ade improvement di situ.. haha

Friday, December 11, 2009

Agent topup Real Time


siapa mahu menjadi agen topup secare real-time?dimana-mana sahaja anda berada, anda boleh topup, tidak perlu pergi ke kedai untuk membeli topup. Anda hanya memerlukan handphone/handset.

-mudah saja-
Anda juga akan mendapat keuntungan mengikut topup yg anda jual
Celcom- 5% >>>topup dari RM3-RM100
Maxis- 2%>>>topup dari RM3-RM100
Digi- 1%>>>soft pin RM10(ikut keadaan, jika ada eload)
Italk- 9%
Umobile- 3%

yuran hanya RM20 untuk menjadi agen yg sah.

Jika berminat, sila hubungi 0179882785/0136455904 (SMS sahaja)

Once upon a time...

Jumaat's updates,

* woke up at 12 and went for Solat Jumaat
* Burned Subuh again (x mandi wajib lg)
* went to bank to topup my 'modal'
* and after that went ti 'kedai batu' behind Wisma to 'tapow' some food
* saw OKU, Iz and Stunky
* arrived at home and watch malay's drama Tv3 while eating
* 'rendam' baju for next week
* now i'm here infront of this laptop, lyn facebook and manga jap, and now is typing for my next boring post..

Many of my friends went home for this week including Safuan, my housemate, a bit boring and sorrow la bistari..and my broadband become 'laju' undoubtedly because there's few people using the line, so that's why.
If this afternoon not so hot or wet, maybe i go out for jogging.
so, after i've finished typing, play PSP ^ ^

bye(sorry la xde idea nk tulis ape)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

multiple layer..

Last 2 nights, we had 'kawad' for our class at night(thank God at night!!), i really can't figure it out what's the main purpose for doing that class which interrupting my schedule and my time to rest at night..i've been assigned into the first group..(we're the BEST, right?)just talking to myself-----but really at first, our group is not that good but after a few minutes practicing...POOF!!our group is the BEST!..ha.ha...(hilarious).
I'm quite curious, why the ladies(use this term because we're an adult now) cannot lift up their leg like the men?(just giving an opinions)..because when i was in f4 in high school, i've entered a marching competition and i saw girls(that time, we're still children) can lift up their leg like the men.So, why ladies in the Uniten cannot lift their leg?Just because they're ladies, we must exclude them for just that damn reason?

p/s: no hard feelings 'ladies'..sorry..this is just an honest opinion from me.


I've been moody in this 2 days..i really don't know why am i acting like this..maybe i'm mad to 'someone' or i'm just a bit sensitive.
Or because too much assignment to be made..especially Business Maths and Accounting..too much-too many-a lot of-lots of-uncountable-WTF-WTH-WTS-i don't know any other words/sentences that can describe more about the assignments.


Today's quiz(costing) and lecture(costing) really make me *happy* because the quiz is so damn easy and the lecture for today is so easy to understand compared the previous one.

-----------------------------THE END-------------------------------

Monday, December 7, 2009

Started to pening+gila

Firstly, today's Business Maths lecture just like hell confused..the word is just one, 'matrices'. You must think that this is kinda easy because we already learn it when we're in the high school..but this thing now is quite confusing after we learn it further..just like me, i think it's also easy but the real thing is, this thingy needs a little focus and attention as all of its number makes all of us 'pusing-pusing'.

p/s: next week for Business Maths' class CANCEL!!YES!!

that's enough for lecture stories...

we had a JPA meeting just now at AA building with Puan Noormala Ahmad, our guardian for the JPA students. We complain about the Business Maths' tutor, i hate her conducting our tutor session for Business Maths, she likes to act like she knows everything(maybe la), perhaps i've been mistaken, but really i hate her style of teaching..maybe she knows about it but she couldn't barely explain it to us...her eyes(juling2) make everybody scared behind all reasons..haha..WTF..

k la..i want to take a nap..penat giler jalan kaki dari Dewan Ilmu ke AA building, very panas kot..i've wasted a lot of my energy today just by walking far-distance..damn..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tired, malas, boring

hi again,

Today is Sunday, i woke up at 12 and felt something leaking from my mouth. i realized that it was my 'SALIVA' that can be described as an expired saliva..haha..again. This happened seldom when i'm feeling too tired or lack of energy.

i sit on my bed and start to think, "have i missed Subuh prayer again?". This is the third time i wake up late due to the midnight movies caused.
felt so guilty but this is just an expression, after a few hours, i will forget about that and do it again the next morning. That is natural, because i'm not the perfect human being on Earth, but i'm trying to improve myself to be one.

this week, i got 2 quizzes, Business maths (practice makes perfect) and Costing(no need to read Lol)..i spent the whole playing my PSP, Yu Gi Oh thing is really making me addicted to PSP..haha..

Now my stomach is empty, i want to get something to eat..


First Post

Peace be with you,

it's 4.00 in the morning,this is my first post for this third blog of mine, actually i had 3 blogs including this. The first one was unsuccessful, the second one was a bit ok but i don't give a damn to it, so it's still rubbish. So, i hope that this blog can make me feels long-lasting interest to write in it.

By the way, in my first post, there's no hot story that i can tell about, my weekend is still boring like always>>no homework, playing PSp, watching TV, wash clothes (the same thing i did every weekend).

first of all, my name is izzat, Uniten student, Foundation in Accounting,staying in Shah Alam,18

i'm trying to close my eyes now and get some sleep, need to wake up early in the morning, lot of chores i need to settle.

bye bye