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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Now i have a headache of not going out from my house like 5 days straight starting from the day im back from Muadzam.
Just testing my limit by doing that. I watch movies all the time because i have a 320gigs external hard disk(BUFFALO) with me.HAHA.
to me, 320gigs is a lot, but some other people like to say, "weyh, asl doe beli 320 je?asl x beli 1 tera trus?" or in somewhat rude way,"weyh bodo gila beli 320?ko x rase buang duit ko ke?alang2 lebih baik beli yg besar terus".
Then, i just replied to them, with 320 gigs, i have enough space to store my movies, dramas, music all kind of shits in it. Now i think i have store it all and i still have 130 gig remaining space. HOH.

So, nk bwat ape besar2?klu rosak?like my friend izzah, who is in the category of  "things breaker" people.HAHA. no offense izzah.hehe.i classified myself in that category too. so better prepare now before something bad happen. Not (too) regretful when mine is broken because i dont spend/store either a lot of money or movies on that thing.
So, did you see the moral values here?if dont, you're blind.HAHA


  1. oit oit.
    babitkan nama aku plak
    ini satu bentuk penghinaan.
    kau akan disaman...
    belanja aku ice cream lagi cm haritu
    Deal or no deal ko kene deal jugak..

  2. oho, xpe, just wait 1 thousand years and i'll buy one for you.:)


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