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Friday, November 5, 2010

Genting Highland

I went to Genting Highland with bella,izzah and safuan during the study week, this is a last minute but a little bit messy. We got there without making any reservation for hotel, so we have difficulty in finding our place to sleep.ha. but thanx to 'ulat' or we can called him 'peniaga haram'. He sold us 2 rooms for RM150 each but the exact price is only RM120 each including breakfast, but this exclude the breakfast. DAMN. we have no other choices. Accept his offers and pretending that guy did not cheat on us.ha.ha.

P/s: thanx to izzah & bella & safuan though we missed to visit the strawberry farm and ride the corkscrew


  1. i missed it too.:)aha.ceh, tgk link dr gile.kem slm kat snow disane.huhu

  2. still got the ulat number or not? i think i want to go there next week but no rooms available

  3. muhammad: nope. we did't save his number. wat for?just book the room on the internet. :)


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