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Friday, May 6, 2011

Things that i spent during the holidays

The holidays will come to an end and i didn't spend it much by hanging out with my friends. On the 3rd May 2011 was my last day of working at Shell Petrol pump. i'm quite happy working there as it is not stressful when i was working at the Manhattan Fish Market. My manager is Malay, that's quite relief but fierce like a lion hunger to eat its own workers.haha. Most of the workers are Banglas but there're 5 malays including me. They were nice to me and they treat me like family.

My shift is at night. The last night of my day working, we celebrated at McDonalds at section 2 as my nicest friend kak fiza *not a real name* wanted to treat all of us but unfortunately not all of them manage to come because they have morning shift the next day, so they need to sleep early that night.

Now today, im asking out my friend adam to hang out with me and stunky at the curve and he said, "ko nk kene pukul ke?" =.=

Asking him out is like asking Mr. President out.HAHA. Everyday busy.huhu, but i've tried to reschedule it to tomorrow :)


  1. peh jadi mamat minyak skrang. alar kerja tak stress x mncabar la wey. haha

  2. biase la nk cari side income sket.aha.klu x mne bole enjoy. aku tau ko pekerja terbaik kat MFM dlu.HAHA


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