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Friday, May 20, 2011

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This is not an anti-PKR's blog post. I just wanted to express my opinions regarding the political matters that is happening right now in Malaysia.

I am not Pakatan Rakyat's supporters, neither Barisan as I'm only 20 years old this year. I'm really worried about this country. The administration had becoming worse even more after the PRU-12 when Pakatan Rakyat had taken down five states; Kedah, Selangor, Perak, Kelantan and Pulau Pinang. At first, i'm relieved knowing that Pakatan Rakyat is getting stronger after Anwar been released from the prison.

I wished that Tun Mahathir never be old and continues to administer this country all over again. Though i hate him so much when he threw Anwar in prison, but when i think about it again, why Tun Mahathir threw Anwar in prison? There must be a reason for him to do that. He's not a fool to make a rush decision without thinking wisely. We can see that Tun Mahathir administered this country for 20 years and Malaysia is at peace within the period. A lot of developments been planned for the sake of our country such as Jambatan Bengkok's project. That was a brilliant idea from Tun as we can make a lot of benefits from that project, but unfortunately the project was not successful as the 5th Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi cancelled the project.

As i'm turning 21 years old next year, I'm afraid to vote which parties for PRU-13 that is qualified enough to be the leader of this country. From my point of view, Pas and UMNO should cooperate together in administering this country. I cannot trust PKR and DAP anymore. DAP with their racism towards the Malay is unforgiven (Pulau Pinang). After I watched Anwar's sex tape, I think it really was him. I've made a research about Anwar's background. He's from Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) before he entered Universiti Malaya. MCKK is a boarding school where the elite leaders are being develop there and it is a 'boy school'. Regarding the issue about Anwar and Saiful, I think Saiful is right about Anwar.sodomising him at the Condo. There is a high possibilities for him to do that and also when he's (Anwar) been accused for sodomise in 1998.

Besides, when i read about World's Bank wants Anwar's Skill on Keadilan newspaper made me think that, who is Anwar? Why he has a lot of friends and strong influence outside the country? especially when most of his friends are Jews or i can classify them as Zionis. Where did he get so much money to do campaigns for PRU-12 when he'd been in prison for 6 years long unemployed? For all the readers, you all should investigate the people who you want to vote as your next leaders, investigate it thoroughly and not just simply trust the media, the news that you watch everyday.

Watch this interesting video, i like the way he (Anwar) 'acts' to convince people among him and his supporters like a drama King..


  1. firstly we as a muslim suppose to support any party that fight for islamic needs, not race needs or other. And so far i think only PAS that fight for Islam. UMNO was busy fighting for race, PKR, i don't know what happen.

  2. 1 - Mahathir was PM of Malaysia for 22 years - not 20
    2 - DAP is a multi-'racial' party, the president - a Sikh, the members, from all 'races'. UMNO, is ran by Malays, only for Malays. MCA is for Chinese, only chinese. MIC is for Indians, only Indians. Who are the racists? DAP - who open their membership to all 'races'? Or the group I mention, which only accept 'their own'?
    3 - Anwar was innocent in the 1998 sodomy case, and Mahathir admitted this. Please read on this.
    4 - You are a sunni muslim, part of ahlussunaah Jamaah. And the rule of Ahlul Sunnah Jamaah, is, 'sehingga orang yang dituduh tidak terbukti bersalah, maka kita tidak boleh menghukumnya', you say Anwar is guilty of sodomising Saiful - when there is no proof. This is against your religion, fyi.

  3. You're right lotters, DAP is a multi-racial party but why Malays been treated unfairly in Pulau Pinang?


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