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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


why am i so scared? they don't eat people you know. damn. i just can't get rid of my fright. why i cannot be like somebody else who can talk proudly and confidently without any 'cuak' infront of other people? i don't know how to be like him, like zaim. i like his talk. i like his interpersonal skills that he had. but i don't.

At this moment, when im writing this post. i wrote it with anger in me. Just now, after ate my lunch at the back of the Wisma, we went back home and i said to poppy*not a real name*, "weyh, jom buat assignment?", then the poppy said, "ok jom,"

then he entered my room to do our group assignment as the laptop is in my room currently. He ask me to switch on my woofer as the on button is at the back of the woofer. then i went like "lahh, tekan la sendiri, x jauh pon dr ko,"

The distance of him from the woofer is just 2 feet away and he would rather ask me to do such  a simple thing than to do it by himself.

then..hish..aku tulis bm la..ko igt ko girlfriend aku ke? nk suruh aku buat mende2 simple ni? klu bella suruh aku bwat xpe gak..u're a man, just act like one. manja bdo. aku x penah pon suruh ko bwat mende2 simple yg aku boleh buat dgn sendiri.
im not your mother or slave whatever. tlg la. aku bukan nk merungut, cume ko dh bwat byk kali kat aku cam foundation trimester 1 lg. pastu ugut xnk buat assignment.
aku tau aku perlukan ko, sbb ko boleh present and ko bole ckp walaupon x sehebat abg zaim. klu aku bole ckp cam abg zaim, aku dh group dgn org len dh. yg x byk hal nk bwat assignment.

ni, mls la. pnat la. ngntok la. padahal naik keta kot. bukan jalan kaki cam foundation dlu.

aku tulis ni pon sbb aku agak marah+feddup ngn ko. last skali aku nk mintak maaf. sbb aku ni jenis yg x ske gado and marah org.

p/s: izzah and seb, klu korang bace post ni..diam2 je ek..aku saje je nk luahkan isi hati aku.


  1. hehe. ok babe. aku diam. aku diam niy. izzah, syutt. syutt. izzat suruh diam. haha. ok2. serious2. pape problem, roger aku. i have gud ear to hear your tear (haha. aku bantai je)

  2. seb; haha, thanx doe..haha. walaupon kite bersua di dalam blog jek(kt luar x ckp pon face to face,haha)

  3. lepak izzat lepak!!
    hee~ asal kaw x lempang jer dier..wakaka..
    sabar jer larh ann..manusia mmng macam2!!


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