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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Measure your size on your own body

Ukur Baju di Badan Sendiri

Pepatah Melayu pernah menyebut, maybe i translated it wrong into the title of this post because i just direct tranlated it =). For those who still didn't get it, i will define it for you. The meaning of this 'pepatah' is those who doesn't know his own capilities or in this kind of story, i will relate it with the financial status or no.wait. better i put this as his family current financial status.

He was born at the 'oversea'. His mom doesn't want him to come home regularly because his mom said something like this la, "i don't have the money la, why you keep asking me for the money bla..bla..bla.."

And Maybe he doesn't understand what his mother trying to get at or he just pretend that he doesn't know nothing. That's rude. The thing is that his mom trying to say is she wants him to know that his old mother is having financial crisis rite know. Is it hard to understand that? I pity his mother.

Even though i realised that i don't have the right to say such things like these..but please la..your mom is suffering ok. You should consider her current situation. You should try to fix things up, not make it go worst.

First thing, you ask her for the money. it's okay, but you wasted your money buying branded clothes instead of keeping the money for you to buy your own food. If you want to buy those expensive+luxurious clothes, save some of your money la. Don't just simply ask your mother whenever you need them.

If your mom is a CEO, then it's okay la for you. but your mom just an ordinary person with less money in her pocket. have mercy la. Her mother also got problem with his dad and maybe his dad doesn't give her 'nafkah'(perkara wajib di buat utk seorang suami).

I don't like to ask my parents for money. Usually they will ask me first, "Mil, ade duit x ni?". Then i just put a smile on my face and replied, "Xde la..". haha.

Actually, there's a lot i wanted to tell but i dh malas..haha

To be continued...

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