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Monday, August 16, 2010

Matters of problem

Week 1 : Malaysian Studies Midterm plus Accounting quiz plus Information Tech. presentation
Week 2 : Financial Accounting Midterm, Principle of Management Midterm, Islamic Studies Midterm
Week 3 : Information Technology Midterm

Procrastinated Assignments
             Malaysian Studies -  research
             Principle of Management - analysis
             Islamic studies - folio
             English for Accounting - report

Am i busy?sure being sarcastic now. life as a degree student is so much miserable compared to the old times.

Foundation, you can relax, play, skip classes for unreasonable purpose, less assignments, copy paste. but not anymore. you cant do all these things repetitively when you have been labelled as a degree student (senior).
You need to learn how to be independent, discipline, and do your assignments all by yourself. (some advices pointed to my housemate,hehe).
Hope they learn that doing an assignment is not too difficult but can rather difficult if you postpone and postpone it until the last minute you need to pass up. This is what we called as KAMIKAZE.

and me, can be classified as the 'rajin' boy would like to express my feeling again.he. Like case application that i did it all by myself, struggled until my brain got jam is something they should consider or appreciate of.
not like i dont like people to copy my work, but they did that all the time. im not to be a selfish person but, pliz la..for once, try do it yourselves. it's not too hard ok. squeeze a little bit of your brain like my own did.
It took me 3 days to think of the answer for the case application. huhu.

Keep Moving Forward (tibe).

The motto of this story is 'Keep Moving Forward'. haha


  1. ko memang rajen bro,,
    bangga aku ade kawan cm ko

    slamat berpuasa

  2. haha, aku mmg rajin pon. mmg ko patut bangga pon.


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