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Monday, August 2, 2010

Good News!

I have a gud news for me, hehe. my mom has booked for me a car, perodua viva elite std. yeay me!haha.

Atlast, my wish came true though i've gone a lot of obstacles and trouble getting a car. Even though it's not Kelisa which i've been longing to have it. but forget it..u still got a car! Bersyukur kepada Allah kerana telah mengabulkan permintaan hambamu ini.

That means, my effort all this time produced results!fuh..pnat la nk pujuk my mom. igt sng ke?my mom said, i sacrificed for you and u must do the same to me, so she told me to score in my first degree..huhu..susah kot. but i try la..InsyaAllah, klu rajin, segala ape yg kite citakan, akan tercapai jua.

Jika ape yg kamu usaha tidak berhasil, it must have been something wrong with you, or fate won't let you. Allah itu Maha Adil. so no worries. though i didn't get to fly oversea, but Allah have mercy for me, that's im sure.

I think i'll be getting a white colour viva, nice is it? i wanted to choose the red one, but that colour not available lorh..
Wanie ckp warne biru?wth..biru cam ape tah. i think the best choices for the colour are black, silver, white and red. lain sume buruk.

k la, dh ngntok. esk class kol 9 pg..gile awl kan?aku try nk bgn. that's why i wanted to sleep early tonight.
Gud night folks! Adios~


  1. orang kaya mampu lah. huhuhu. neway congratz.

  2. yo la tuh, ikutkan ko lg kaya dr aku..beli lens camera smpai RM1500

  3. waa. boleh car pooling pas niy. nampak aku tepi jalan jgn lupe singgah eyh. ha. tanak lahh biru. da macam viva tini-ikmal. hitam macam viva intan-anep. so, white just nice :)

  4. seb; btol2..aku pon rase white is the best choice =)


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