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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being used

oho, we can be either a good friend or the one that is like to use somebody else advantage, further details you can read this wonderful post.CLICK HERE.

According to that post, it is like a friend should always be there to help or accompany though in a difficult situation or not. Like today, i had experienced the awful truth of that post. im not being like 'berkira' or something like that but as a friend you should know/consider the hardship in getting a car, the difficulty saving money for petrol. You cannot just ask me to go anywhere as you like. Im not from a rich family and i dont like to lepak2 wasting time and my petrol. If you wish me to be like you. you're wrong utmost. i didnt forget where you took me for lepak2. it isn't me who ask you to lepak, it is you asking me to lepak or not. it's not my fault. i know my current situation right now since JPA haven't bank-in my allowance and since i need money to go to Tioman. My mom always tell me that money is hard to get but it is easy to spend. My parents work hard for that money. i just cannot simply spend it on something that is not necessary such as lepak2, but you, if a friend ask you to lepak. you always said yes though you are suffering from financial crisis. Im not like you. i cannot pretend that i have the money but the truth, i have the empty wallet.

p/s: haha, hal ini sebagai warning before it happens.
A piece of advice: Be honest to yourself and your friend and your parents.

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