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Sunday, September 12, 2010

First day of Eid

It was the most wonderful day ever. I woke up in the morning, shivering. It was raining outside and i thougth it was 'Malam Lailatul Qadar' last night because somebody told me if you wake up in the morning when you are still in the fasting month though it is the last day of Ramadhan and all of a sudden you felt peace in some kind of way, maybe it is the special night that every Muslims chasing for.

The first day of raya, as usual. We(include my father) went to the mosque for 'takbir' and Aidilfitri prayer. There, i met my old friend. Kind of weird to have a little chit-chatting with him because im not the social-typed of guy.

There we go, after having my meal,as usual again im turning on my laptop and on9-ing-FB,blog,email,lordofultima and whatsoever. My mom cooked ayam that is spicy like last year . I really didn't know the exact name for that recipe.haha, but this year the ayam is a little bit less spicy but not good enough.oho.complaining...that's me..aha.

After the 'mintak maaf, salam-salaman' thing, i went into my room and sleep. Maybe im tired of helping my mom changing the bed sheets, not one but THREE.ahaha.
My mom is doing an open house for the first day of eid as we all not going back to our kampung.yeay!weird isnt it?you wanna know why?ask me at formspring.aha.

Ok cut it short. I got a lot of duit raya for the first day of's the best thing that happen in my life.aha. i got RM330.huahua.i thought there wasn't anybody that will give me duit raya because i'm a big boy right now.turned out to be the opposite.ahah.lucky me.

I have a little interesting story here. I met my cute nephew, but im kinda not-seeing him almost a year. I usually got to see him once in a year or maybe twice. He's a busy little guy i guess.ahah. so when he came to my house like yesterday, he wears glasses.wahh im suprised and have mercy for him. At a young age, he had to suffer astigmatism.oho. but it made him more like an english kid.haha. as he speaks english fully with british not kidding you. it's real. When i talk to him in bahasa and he will just replied with english. damn. embarassment. a small kid can talk fluently with BRITISH ACCENT compared to you.siot.arrgghh..biar ah.but im proud of him and i think someday when he grows older, he'll become successful like his parents.
One lesson i got here, teach ur children english when he was young so when they grow older, english is at their finger tip.aha.yes im correct!

This is a pic of him but it's not the latest one.aha.i think it's the pic in 2007 or 08.cute isn't it?haha.u betcha.

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