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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Caught up with the lecturer

Just now, i went to the Highway, where all the delicious and expensive food were kept. I just want to taste the Tomyam at Sri Putri. i just ate only the Tomyam, no other thing, Just Tomyam and it costs me like RM6! of course including my drink la =RM1.
Gila, cekik darah btol! Did u believe it that a tomyam costs like Rm5 per mangkuk(dh la kecik)?

so, for those people who want to waste their money or they do not know where to spend their ' lots of ' money, please visit the Highway.


As soon as i arrived home, i opened my laptop to check my FB and i see this:

wahh,, rajinnyer..
model : anis

Principle of management class. i agreed that the lecture is quite boring. though the lecturer is the former student of MCKK(haha). then i look into the pic comments and there, they got caught with the lecturer, sir ruzainy also commented on that pic. haha.
do u think lecturer don't have FB account ke?haha. now is the modern world full of technology, everybody uses the facilities. so people who like to tease their lecturer, watchout ok!


  1. semart do gambar ko. serius besar giler!

  2. anep; siot, aku tau la ko tu photographer, takyah ah nk kutuk aku nyer gmbar, lgpon aku grab dr facebook je kot..

  3. haha. at least lecturer 2 tau yg dye agak mem boringkan. hehe

  4. seb; btol gak..haha.xpe. aku rase die kan fresh graduate boleh perbaiki lg. :)ko tau x die bdk MCKK?haha.


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