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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tonight's show..


There will be 13 performances at that night..venue : Auditorium Uniten KSHAS..but the thing that i want to higlite about is i will be selling light drinks and snacks for the audiences, so they can eat while they enjoy!

Izzah said, food and drinks are allowed in the auditorium, but i think we cannot eat eat or drink in audi (that's in my secondary school la..i don't know about uniten, maybe different,haha..) i hope Izzah was right,kalau xleh bwk masuk..lingkup la bisnes kami..BISNES LINGKUP=NO PROFIT=NO TIOMAN..haha..bagos my money sket..

the show will begin at 8 pm, mmm..i hope all the performances will be great like we expected..that's all..


sebenarnye, aku nk balik dis week, but JPA hasn't give us the allowance that we should receive siot jek..merana aku..klu tak, if i can go back home, i can topup back my money and settle my broadband problem..(now i'm onlining at the library, what a crap,tiring and stressful..huhu..

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