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Friday, March 19, 2010

New broadband+New Woofer or not?

mm..let me think..comon..let us think..think]think]think](jimmy neutron) it a wasting of money or not?if u ask me..from my point of view and opinion, i strictly(haha) think that the woofer thing thing is not a waste because if u like a thing even though it costs u big money, but if u like it so much and u can't stand the heat of addiction flow inside your body, then it is not a waste.

may i present u!!this is the woofer EVO7!!..muahaha!!but mine is white in colour(much more outstanding,haha)

As for me..buying a woofer is not a waste although my best friend(wanie) told me not to..haha..i just can't stand it..the rhythm of the music came out from the woofer with the extraordinary bass sound..whooop!!haha..tumbuk kang!!pa tak dpt!!you can imagine la..haha...

i felt like to buy the thing that cost me RM145 after shafiq brought his woofer couple of days ago..when u turn on the woofer..pergh...the scenario where you're at change all of a sudden..huahua..gile la bhai..

THE WORST PART______________________________

i bought a new broadband modem(free) yesterday..very tiring because i've to carry my new woofer all the way to shah alam from sg wang..via monorail,KTM..gile pnat..(lari topic lak..haha)..the thing i wanna say is the speed is agak lembab disini(my home town), friends said that the speed of maxis broadband in muadzam is much faster than in the city..hopefully they're right..haha..i think i want to 'langgan' direct cable nyer..haha..bru la best..bru la unlimited sket..

i've got this problem after i use celcom broadband, and the speed was like damn lembab! so i need to change to other services that provide better speed and the important thing is the PRICE!!



  1. wanie? ko still contact dia ke

  2. kh; ko ni bengong la..die tu kan blaja kat uniten gak..

  3. aku rse mmbzir bli evo7

    evo8 dh klua

    hrga pn beza skit je

    xpn bli trus armagedon A5

    lg gmpak

  4. sonic gear; mm..tol design evo8 agak burok sket dr evo7..heheh..klu armagedon A5 cm xtau la..aku cm dh minat evo7 ni..xleh nk wat ap la ..haha..nway thanx 4 the opinion!

  5. xfaham nape guys ske membazir ngn mnde2 yg x bermanfaat cmni..esh3

  6. izzah; klu minat bukan membazir namenyer..hahah..lgpon aku ske dgr lagu with its bass..haha..


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