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Thursday, March 25, 2010


GMT +8.00 : 5.30a.m

i wrote this post because i wanna tell u what i'm doing right now at this early morning..i'm not awake from my sleep but i accidentally didn't notice what the time was..haha..

i play guitar just now practising scaling and plucking taught by munain and my favourite song, Crumbs by Disagree..the song like so cool and sentimental, u should try google it and hear it yourself..fooh!..until the 4 hours of playing felt like just 1 minute..huahua..

so, bosan2 tulis la post ni..haha..xnk tdo..i wait until Subuh prayer(so nice of me..hehe)

never mind i will wake up late this morning because today is holiday!yeay!so no worries..but just for this week only la..because sir zaidi(macro&finance lecturer) wants to change our schedule back to the original..damn..

that's the bad news, the good news is next week, student from oversea (not sure which country) will come to Uniten Musha to study together with us and my class has been chosen!yeah!..this is the exchange student program(aku tacap), so maybe nnti lak, uniten pula yg akan antar student nyer ke oversea..heheh..hopefully me la..(just a dream)

k la..the time is almost 6a.m...i need to pray..

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