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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

yeah! finished already 2hours quiz..

feeling relieve after finance's quiz had over...huhu..just feels like i am in an examination..but the fact, it is just a quiz..

mm,,just one thing, is it really a quiz???because a quiz usually needs us to do it at short time with simple questionnaire and not in 2 hours with a lot of questions...that's really f***ed me up!

Usually, i'm enjoying my quizzes,but just now is not the thing that i wanted,,,

tension la..why mr. zaidi teaches us like we are in the final year??giving a lot of home works and assignments really annoying me..hahah..because I DON'T LIKE ASSIGNMENTS/HOME WORKS/PRESENTATIONS/BOOKS and others that are related..

i like his(zaidi) knowledge and experiences throughout his life, but the thing is, he doesn't know how to make us understand, though we asked him personally after class,still difficult to understand his explanation..

so i end up clueless,disappointed and frustrated..

>>this post is just my honest opinion, so no offense,,,<<

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