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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laughing gas..muahaha

i am healthy as ever now..syukur alhamdulillah..i had an early breakfast(not usual)this morning with Mun. We ate nasi lemak at an ordinary stall infront of the CRK(a famous place for uniten students lepak-ing)

On the way back to our apartment, Mun reminding me about the laughing gas he told me about,haha..i feel very excited and said,"aah la mun,lupa lak psl laughing gas..jom2"

Arriving at my house-----------------------

i took 10 minutes time to confirm either i want to do it or not because i'm afraid that the gas will affects my brain or something..but mun said,"leks ah, aku dh tanyer cikgu chemist aku dlu..die kate gas ni paling sket chemical die..".so, i did it..haha

this is my second video taking laughing gas,but my first one lg terok..haha(smpai meleleh air liur)

then this video displays together we take the laughing gas..haha(deleted, requested from my friend,sorry)

p/s: guys, please don't try this at home..haha..


  1. woit,,klaka gile ko,,
    hahaha,,cm melayang semacam je,,
    btw, ni kind of drug a wey,,
    cm mengkhayalkan je,

  2. izzah; best ko masuk ke alam fantasi sekejap..haha


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