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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

now i think she is the best!

'she' is not referring to a girl/woman/bapok neither pengkit...hahah..but the term 'she' is referring to my lovely new maxis broadband..huahua..

Last week i went back home and managed to stop by at plaza lowyat, my friend wanie asks me to accompany her (miley pn ikot skali)to check on her hand phone which was entirely rosak..haha, sian ko wanie..sape suruh ganas+tough sgt..haha(no offense). I agreed with her plan because I also want to check on the broadband's promotion and intend to to buy a woofer.

The situation became worst when wanie ajak her boyfriend-to be (now dh kapel la) to join us..haha. Then, a stupid thing came as i went to maxis center in lowyat(Ground floor), i ask the agent,"bang, ad x package broadband yg RM48 tuh?", then he told me that the lowest payment per-month is RM68. WTF??my friend told me there's RM48 package for no modem..disappointed..frustrating..

then i saw a maxis booth at the center of i'm rushing to know if there's still available that RM48 package..then the agent said to me, "we have promotion for that RM48 price with free modem, u just have to pay RM18 for the first 5 month and there is trial...if u don't satisfied within that period, u can return back the modem and u will get your money back RM150".

then i said ok la,,,just testing...ape slhnye..

the speed in the city, agak lembab but the speed at musha(muadzam shah) laju gile..because there's few people using maxis' service..

P/s: so for those who live in rural area like muadzam shah, i recommend you buy this maxis broadband because it's super laju..but i think only for this time la,because if makin ramai org pkai maxis, makin lembab la kot cm celcom..haha..xpe after 5 month terminate la..haha


  1. uit, 5 months je pastu ko nak terminate?
    ko nk try pe plak?

  2. izzah;tu probably la..let's see la klu maxis still laju, aku x tuka ngn wimax,per month maxis lg berbaloi..although speed die x stable like wimax..


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