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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy week..

I've changed..believe me?did u believe me?u must believe me..haha..the laughing is not showing that i lied to you but it is showing to you  a sort of sarcasm..(ye ke?)..

ok fine, i'd promised myself to be a hard-working person/student by doing all my assignments and tutorial and to sleep early and to wake up early as well.

i've tried to sleep early but the eyes are wide awake, what to do?i've tried to wake up early in the morning but the eyes won't open..that's the problem..i've tried to do my tutorial but Mun asks me to play guitar..that's just nice..
aku rase pointer aku jatuh la dis semester if prangai aku berterusan mcm ni..

but now, i wake up early in the morning and having Roti Bakar as for my breakfast.(pencapaian yg terbaik)

This week i think among of the busiest week, lots of assignments to do, midterms examination is just around the corner and i don't have the time to read..I HATE READING!!(as i've stated in my profile)..this semester is quite dull and boring because all of the subjects need us to read not calculate like my last semester.

Last Semester was extraordinary, i really missed that semester..haha..

other stories,,,,,,,
last week my dad bought a broadband, maxis.RM38 per month, he took the promotion package which is RM68 per month, RM30 is rebut for 5 my dad message to told me that his broadband broke into pieces..haha..ape la abah ni..but never mind la,,his money what, not mine..haha..

i'd already told him that maxis is not fast like celcom in our hometown but he still degil..i don't know what to do..dh ckp suruh pulang sebelom abis 7-day trial, lrh dpt RM150, "nasi sudah menjadi bubur".

THe enD..

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