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Monday, April 5, 2010

One after another..

i don't know what to do now,,i'm panicked(i can say that), geram, tension..haha..everything..

first, my mom's multi-cooker explodes out of sad..and something that made it explodes..someone..
i've told you a thousand times but you never listen, that's why..i said,"lap kering2 kuali tu before masak, sbb multi-cooker ni sensitive sket..".

so, due to this conversation, this tragic incident happened all of a sudden(not tiba2 la, but caused by someone).

the second thing is my lappy, one night Mun is using my laptop and in a few minutes, the lappy turned off all of a sudden..( bru leh kate secare tiba2..). then now, i have to go to Mun's house to on9...leceh gile..

the third one, my financial status..haish..i faced a really critical financial problem..everyday i limit my spending below than RM5..i tried to do that..but sometimes i overspend it..haha..sometimes, i eat maggi to fill in my empty tummy..

i'm so sad today..maybe until all my problems had settled, i will happy again..

p/s:...aku x sabar nk wat business yg bakal dilancarkan InsyaAllah next week nih..tunggu mase jek..klu ade nasib aku, mungkin rezeki aku akan bertambah,InsyaAllah..ini semua ujian dari Allah..aku redha dgn sng hati..ade hikmah di sebaik kejadian ni..

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  1. lesson bt aku,,
    aku slalu gne multicooker+ricecooker x lap smpai kering,,lala


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