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Thursday, April 8, 2010

MUET exam..

Yesterday, i'd already checked when will be my speaking session for the Muet Exam, then i got on 12th May 2010..huhu..maybe you'll see it is still far from now, but for me it has came near like the day is tomorrow..

Maybe because i'm nervous about the exams, i'm only worried about the speaking, the other three are not so hard to do. My writing, listening and reading will be on 24th April 2010,,

ANOTHER  2 WEEKS FROM NOW!!cuak seyh...(hopefully that i pass the 3 obstacles..huhu)

kk,,cukup2..xyah pikir psl mende yg meng-anxious-kan..


for your information, i'd already found my old-favourite-band..haha..SKILLET..(if you've heard about it, but if you don't, ignore it).-thanks to Mun-(patut ah cm pnh dgr je skillet ni..last time i 'layan' when i was form 4..hahah

The following is my top 3 :

1. Cornatose
2. Whispers in the dark
3. Last Night (bru je lyn)

Other story,
Tomorrow morning, i will go back KL because i need to settle on my new business(so, hopefully i will find the best warehouse)

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