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Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a day..

Last night, i slept late at around, khai and sabah. we're telling stories among each other..about our experiences..

This morning, i woke up at 9.30,,missed subuh again..heheh..dunno what to do...i'd already set my alarm but still it doesn't affects me..haha..(my effort of setting the alarm is what important, am i right?YUP!)

Felt very heavy to get up to take a bath..because i have a talk on degree program at 9.00 AM..but we decided to go at 10.

As soon we arrived at Wisma, i saw a lot of people there waiting outside the room, i wonder why??haha

then somebody told us that the talk is for those who wanted to change their course are compulsory to attend the talk..S.H.I.T. di situ..pnat kot aku bgn pg..dh la x ckup tdo..

After we had our lunch at the 'Kedai Batu' located at the back of the Wisma, we went back home..then i went to Muadzam Shah Mosque for Jumaat prayer..(dh la kene jln kaki, pns2 lak tuh..aku tgh tunggu je bile aku nk ade kereta,,lmbat seyh nk naik degree..heheh).

Then me,khai went back to Wisma by safuan's motorcycle..together with Q and Shafiq..We went back to get our MUET's slip..there, i got to know who's in my group for MUET's speaking session..

My group>me, Sabah, Ajai and Wei ting

i'm afraid that i could not talk during that session..haha..u know that my english is sucks, if u ask me to write sure i can but if u ask me to speak, that's a problem..i managed to sit as candidate D..Mr. amirudin said that candidate D has the advantages compared to the other candidates..

i still didn't get it what's the advantages..hurm???any idea?(x pyh pikir la..)

P/s: the target is band 3 for the MUET..haha..sudah mencukupi..

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