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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wa terkezut...

Today i woke up early and i went out to buy some breakfast to fill my empty tummy, :) Usually(not exactly the word)..aha..i think seldom is the best word..HA.HA. okk, back to the topic, seldom i go out for breakfast with my friend..but as for today i'm going alone as a friend of mine don't want to go out because he had a headache maybe because he slept late last whatever la..

After eating nasi lemak infront of the TV, i fell asleep..haha..people said,"slalunye nasi lemak ni akan buat kite ngantuk dan otak akn jd lembab", but i don't really care about that because that's my favourite food..

i woke up again at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and i said,"siot ah, asl aku tertido ni??"..(u have been poisoned by the power of nasi lemak,haha).Maybe i fell asleep because i ate 2 bungkus of nasi lemak..heheheh..that's a lot..

At 5PM, i went out again to buy some food for my lunch(haha) at pasar malam..there i saw, a huge crowd near the pasar malam. I went there quickly as if there was a big event happening there(aku ske kalut sket)..then i saw a big snake, usually they called it Ular Sawa..Kt bwh ni bukan gmbar sebenar..lg besar kot yg aku nmpak tuh..

i said to my mind,"owh, ade pertunjukan rupenyer..igtkan ape td". All of a sudden, i saw a man giving the snake a glass of water for IT to drink..what a joke..have u seen a snake drinks a water when you ask IT to drink?(like a baby?)..the funny thing is the huge snake opened its mouth when the man ask IT to drink..haha..(nasib je kot, mungkin ular itu haus,haha)

The End


  1. ceh,,
    aku engat ko nmpak ular kt bistari

  2. izzah; x ade ular kat bistari..hahah


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