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Monday, June 28, 2010

What Im doing Right now?

Ello!!HAHAHAHA!!what im doing rite now??laughing la..HAHAHAHA!!

Today, when I woke up late as usual, i open my mom's laptop instantly mcm biase everyday-routine..huhu..

Connecting to the streamyx>>>>LOADING>>>>CONNECTED!!

Common things that i do are Sign in my FB, play LordofUltima, checking my blog's views(haha), checking my gmail, sign in my formspring..
searching for Bloody Monday Season 2 on the web for downloads..hehe

Then, i go back to my FB page to check recent updates from my friends and I FOUND THIS!HAHAH

sorry u all, x dpt  paste terus ke blog sbb ade mslh technical..sorry k!

comment: vocal boleh tahan nk sebut "s" bermslah sket..HAHAHA!!jahat nyer aku..

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