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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Senam Tari a.k.a. Big Event

I won the lucky draw!!haha..lucky me..(only a glass)hihiihih

This morning, i had an aerobic session (senam tari) at the Wisma. Pn. Rohaida asked us to come to that aerobic thingy and as a reward for attending that thing, we'll be rewarded 5-10% bonus marks for our final paper..haha..besides, we'll also be rewarded scorun and certificates for that stupid thing..haha..

I just need 2 hours to be stupid and that's all..(tahan sket..haha). After the first 1 hour, we rest about 15 minutes and the vice chancellor gave out the prizes for lucky draw, best dress and best participant..lucky me i win the lucky draw..heheh.. for the best dress, naqiu win for that title and for the best participant my friend wanie win the overall prize..

After that, we continue our session for another 1 hour, me and moon hiding beside the uniten bus because we don't want to do the stupid thing..haha..

End of session.......

The vice chancellor buy all of us a lunch, we've managed to take away the leftover home..hehe(saved)

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