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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

South Africa Vs. France


Happy face..

                                                                                                                              Sad & dull flag..

Last night i watched match between south africa and france who had won the world cup once in 1998 at 22.00 (GMT+8.00).
At the beginning, both team had shown a great play, but it changed when south africa managed to score a goal by Bongani Khumalo at 20th minute..haha..all of the france players became 'menggelabah tetek la'..haha..
Then south africa again scored a goal by katlego mphela at 37th minute..lg menggelabah la die..
after the first half, maybe the france team tried ti change their strategies by putting in thierry henry in exchange to cisse who didn't performed well in the first half..

Atlast, france managed to score a goal at 70th minute by malouda..nasib baik ade score gak, klu tak..muke nk ltk mne??

woish!it's hurt!left-sibaya, right-gourcouff(red card)

maybe it's hurt or maybe it don't. Sibaya who had been takcled by Gourcouff managed to play back in the game after the referee gives Gourcouff a red card.whoa..but i think france really play badly and aggressively this time..but south africa play fast & clean in the game.


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