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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long Trip from Muadzam

First of all, I would like to officially announce that FiNaL eXAm is OVER!!

haha..i'm so glad that all of my suffers has come to an end ...
I went back home from Muadzam by Khai's car yesterday..It was a very tiring trip..I think it's because I didn't sleep at all along the trip..but i've slept a little bit but just 'tdo2 ayam la'.
Many obstacles we need to get through like overtaking a big lorry...hahah..that's a very hard work you know..but the thing that i cannot stand is when Mun's driving the car  shifting with Khai..He drove the car like there's mafia or somewhat gangsters chasing after us..hoho..scared and horrified!

Drove until the meter reached 140km/ but safe..(ye ke?haha)..but the thing is i'm  afraid of The Speed! I don't want to die at my early age..haha..I've  never drive a car more than 100 km/h..did u believe in me?haha..It's the truth! I never lied!(hehe).

As soon we arrived at KL, we went to Hanif 's house at T.T.D.I.(Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) because Haziq a.k.a bean wanted to give back his speakers that he borrowed. Hanif really has a big house!but i've seen a bigger one than his..hehe..then we went to OU to have heard me people..Chillis!yeah!

Now i've finished my foundation and it's time to make a move!cheah..haha..Degree is not a playtime but a serious matter! No more play and struggle to achieve the best results!


  1. izzah; penah amat jarang sekali..klu aku tipu pn, aku ckp yg btol blk..hehe

    mun; asl ngn ko?ko bengang aku masukkan ko dlm blog aku?haha..xpe..ko kan famous..hahah


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