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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a sad day..

huhu, today i got my result and it disappointed me so much...really missed my u all know that my target is 3.7 above and it didn't reach..

maybe i dont have the chance to get a car, if im lucky enough..there will be a car, if not..say bye2..hoho..

The good news is i've beaten khai, safuan, miley and bean, but the bad news is i've lost to wanie..hoho..she got 3.82 ma..for her gpa and 3.81 for her cgpa..tinggi lorh...

i really byk main dis sem, and i deserved my im up to degree program and dis time i will not playing around anymore and i will stay focus and focus and focus...Ya Allah, give me guidance for me to achieve a great success..Amin..

My pointer? i dont want to mention it, but still got Dean's list :))... but still terok la..whatever..the thing is already passed..just forget about it and continue our life..LIFE MUST GOES ON..

if u want to know my pointer just kindly ask me..hehe..:))(but it's up to me to tell you or not..haha)

bye, want to sleep..i stay up until 6 am just to help my friends checking their results..hoho..pnat woo..


  1. salam..
    niat blaja utk dpt kete.
    tp sbb Allah.;)
    good luck.

  2. haha, ok thanx 4 da advice..=)..btw spe ni?sorok2 pula identity nyer..

  3. hahaha..kwn izzah fakhrudin.ttbe tnpk blog ni.

  4. ??; owh kwn izzah rupenyer..heheh..follow la my blog..haha(paksaan)


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