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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomorrow is like the way it should be

Hoho..sudah lame aku x meluangkan maseku utk menulis blog..aku sibuk dgn muvis n download+lord of ultima..

Lord of Ultima??what is that? Multiplayer online game..maybe u think that i'm not cool enough to play that game or maybe you think that i'm such a childish little guy but the truth is, i really addicted to it..
For the boys u should try this game cuz it teaches you how to rule a country and conquer! (future prime minister,,haha)

Btw, my house is having renovation and it really pissed me off! when you heard the sound of drilling and hammering, you'll feel like you want to tell the workers "weyh babi, ko leh diam sket x?aku nk tgk muvi ni..".
hahah...sorry for the rude words, but i just cannot stand it.

the best thing is, i will have a new room, big one(hehe) and new kitchen..haha..yela..u know that my parents will be retiring so they want to live in a new and comfortable house after they retired.

According to Uniten, we'll(my batch) be living in Harmoni for our next semester(first degree). I'm really dissapointed to hear that..huhu..because i will leave my beloved apartment and room..



 Luahan isi hati jap :
Harmoni dh la kelam, x ceria, x best and jauh dr tmpat tunggu klu aku x dpt keta tyme degree nnti..abes la aku..but i'll make sure that will happen(evil laugh)...leceh la uniten ni..aku bru je adapt ngn environment kat Bistari, dh kene tuka lak..

p/s: btw, tomorrow aku nk kuar ngn suhayla..haha..first tyme kuar ngn pompuan dua2..(kwn jek)..wish me luck..

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