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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pancing tired today.

woke up at 8.30am and we instantly started our journey from bestari to Pancing.
To clear the vagueness,'Pancing' is not the word that means fishing, but it is a name of a place near Kuantan, Pahang.

We > me, khai, bean, haz, juju, hanif, arep, lut, am, zahi and daus

Khai drove the car all the way to pancing

We arrived at Pancing at 10am something..
The place is quite boleh belah la..the water is so cold, the cold and calm breeze can shiver you out.

from left> daus,arep, aku,haz,hanif, bean, am, juju,khai, lut
hoho, we belah from that place around 2pm and we stop by at the ECM, Kuantan to have our lunch.
We decided to eat our lunch at the Pizza Hut..
The cheesy crust pizza was so delicious. if you eat one, u will want to have another slice, Trust me!

Then, we went back to Muadzam around 4pm and arrived at 7pm because we singgah at pasar jap to buy some food for dinner..hehe(i eat a lot you know)


  1. panching ni senanye kt daerah mane?

  2. seb; nk ajak tp malas la..hahah
    izzah; nk dkt dgn kuantan dh..dr muadzam 1 jam setengah

  3. ceyhhhhhhh. terbaik lahh alasan kau! hehe


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