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Thursday, July 1, 2010

You're old!

maybe the title shown is the reason that i keep forgetting things and have difficulty in remembering..haha..

if I remember, i have a very strong memory when i was in my primary school because maybe that my parents sent me to Sekolah Agama..

At the school, we have some sort of activities that require students to memorize surah2 like Surah Lazim, Al-Alaq, As-Sajadah, and many by hook by crook you need to memorize it or else you'll be punished by Ustaz and Ustazah..

When i was in standard 6, i have to confront with 2 big examinations, Penilaian Sekolah Rendah Agama(PSRA) and Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah(UPSR), though PSRA is quite vital but i didnt give a damn because i think it is vital for those people who wanted to be in Agama school  at the secondary stage taking Bahasa Arab which i hated so much..haha..i hate the subject because it is complicated and contained a lot of Isim/jisim(x igt dh...haha, somewhat like grammar la).

Then i just focus on my UPSR and i managed to get 5As..Alhamdulillah..that is my first achievement..huhu..after UPSR, i only got 2 weeks to study for my PSRA and i have 8+ subjects if im not mistaken..wah..that's a lot..(Sirah, Tajwid, Akhlak, Feqah, Tauhid, Imlak, Arab, tilawah..bla3)..and i just target an average result for my PSRA..but dgn kuasa Allah..i've managed to get Mumtaz which is 90%+ for overall accumulated marks..i felt really grateful that i didnt believe that i managed to get Mumtaz because i just study all of the subjects for only 2 weeks..Nasib la..but i've studied for UPSR 1 month before the exam plus tuition..hoho..that's a miracle..

Actually for this post, i wanted to tell you that today is my BIRTHDAY!!

What a cute little kitten..hehe

My wishes :
1. i want a car(kelisa)
2. i want to be a hardworking person(no lazy anymore)
3. i want to get dean's list for every semester(hopefully)
4. I hope I'll be a better Muslim
5. Always focus (hehe)

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