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Friday, February 26, 2010

I need a pain killer now...


When u see that symbol, as their students, we should be proud because it's a natural phenomenon for people who will proud of the place they studied.

but this quotes proved nothing but a come UNITEN can produce professional students when they didn't prove to us that they also's a lie..totally lie..

here is the updates of uniten:

Notice for Foundation Students Trimester 2 2009/2010

Students completing their Foundation Program and due to join the Degree Program on 5 July 2010 (Semester 1, 2010/2011) are advised to check your examination results online from 25 February 2010 (8PM onwards).

This is just a bunch of thrash..those highlighted words show that uniten is a liar..big one!
Today is 25 February 2010 and it's almost 12 in the morning right now..
I've waited so long, in vain and frustrated..

When i scrolled down the page, it tells me this>>*ALL DATES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

but if u said so, why then u didn't give us the notice when exactly the results will be out if the results are not going out tonight..?

I really2 don't understand the system, not punctual like last trimester>credited to JPA students..i hope this trimester will be on time but it turned out to be the same like the old times..
Don't make us waiting like we don't give a damn to this whole thing, but we do care..



  1. wahahaha... i like this one..
    UNITEN shud be more punctual if want to generate professionals~

  2. yep! ur totally right!ala..mcm bapak borek anak rintik la..


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