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Monday, February 22, 2010

CU ak Seyh~

Pada post kali ni, aku xde pe nk diceritakan because there's no new event that i've encountered during the past 3 days. Hal ini disebabkan, aku tidak kuar umah..bgn pg bukak laptop, bukak FB, chatting,eat, drink and that is all..lame isn't it? that's the truth..nk kuar pon xde duit..hahah..

I buat post ni pon because i wanna tell you about last friend, miley *not a real name* die buat satu prank nih yg menyebabkan my heart stop beating for a second. When i was watching Kasanova XXL on9 kat website, i dpt lah msg kat FB dr izzah menyatakan yg result final dh kuar..hahah..i agak tersentap di situ..for me time is like stop at a moment when i saw that very contagious words>>'result dh kuar weyy'..dgn menggigil nyer tgn aku meng-click website and check my account and unfortunately...no3...that's not the word,,,,fortunately...hahah...xde results lg...i am very grateful because i'm not ready yet for the moment to see my results..i found it was a prank and i really terlayan la..hahah..terkena la pulak!

Then, kluar lah byk unpleasant words from my mouth due to the prank job made by miss miley genius..that's great...she just bored because she got nothing to do and she had actually achieved her goal in making people nervous especially me n izzah..



  1. she's gud at making prank~
    siap a die kt u t!!
    huhu~ btw, elaun da masuk ke oi??

  2. yeah, you're't ask me about our allowance..aku dh check dh for the past 3 days balance still RM1.72...hahah

  3. wahaha,,, nmpaknye ade yg lg terok dr aku..
    krenye my balance are still RM11+ larh,,,

  4. biaso lah..aku ni kan seorang yg berjimat-cermat..heheh


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