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Friday, February 19, 2010

valentine versus percy jackson

valentine is about love and romance while percy jackson&the lightning thief (PJLT)is an action+ancient history kind of movie

valentine - there's conflict between the lovers like having an affairs with someone, in the same time you are in condition where you have family and lovely wife to take care of.

PJLT - there's conflict between the Gods based on the story of the ancient Rom thousand years ago was brought forward in a modern world. 

valentine - there's too many conflicts which involved a lot of people that makes the audience a little bit of confused, you must watch the whole movie attentively to understand the whole story.
PJLT - when percy got into the training camp in preparation to face Hades(the god of hell). It doesn't makes any sense because the part where he got to train himself is a little bit too short..and in a one glance, he has the ability to fight like a real demi-god..bla..bla..bla..tah pape bangang..(kisah fantasi..biah ah)

valentine - 3.5/5 stars
PJLT - 4/5 stars

P/s: you should think carefully before you choose the right story when you go to the cinema..(as for me, aku bantai jek, dh bosan dok umah, tgk je ah cte ape2 kat cinema tuh,hahah)

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