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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what i meant up there is not famous or some kind of taste like 'pedas', tp hakikatnye ialah..THE WEATHER!!~
i think since yesterday i felt like the weather is too~ hot that i can't withstand the excessive heat..Now i'm at my cousin's house at Bukit Kuda, Klang (mesti you never heard of this place...because this morning i got a call from Umar*real name*..haha..he ajak me pon follow je ah..dh bosan dok umah..

i went here by KTM(keretapi Tak penah Masyuk)..lembab..i wait half an hour for the train to arrive..sial..nk mencarut ade gak..In the train, aku dgr la ade org talking about the hot weather that melanda pantai barat now(i think)..the rumours is real..mmg panas pon, i think it's just my feeling jek..pastu smpai2..ade la makcik ni bersama anak kecil nyer..ingin meminta tlg.."adik, leh tlg makcik belikan tmbang KTM ke KL sentral x?sbb td duit mak cik hilang kat dlm tandas td.."

Do u think i lend her my money or not..??(dh la duit tinggal ciput jek, seb baik abah kasi RM10 td..huhu)
Do u think i should trust and pity her?

To be continued....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(den..den..den..)

hahah..xde ah..
aku kasi gak makcik tu duit RM5 je ah..sbb the rest i want to use it later...ok la..
i felt sorry for her little child but not the makcik..muke makcik tu cam penipu!!hahah...

baik kan aku??

-The end-


Terima kasih kerana meng-omen =)