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Friday, February 26, 2010

A total lost..

Selipar jepun or recognized as fancy flip-flop had been used commonly among the teenagers or mostly by the university student like me..

Today, i went to a mosque at section 18, Shah Alam for Jumaat prayer with my dad, wearing Giordano t-shirt black in colour with 'kain pelikat' which is green in colour. We went there early about half an hour before azan.

As we arrived, i went directly into the mosque to do solat sunat tahiyyatul masjid (chewwah) while my dad went to buy Harakah paper outside the mosque. As for today is a special day for umat Islam because today is the day where our great leader, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. was born. We called this day as Maulidur Rasul  and we celebrate it every year.

Before the Jumaat prayer, there is 'ceramah' regarding Maulidur Rasul. After the azan, we listen to the Khutbah given by the same ustaz. That ustaz is really professional because he gave the Khutbah without a script. That's a true Muslim!(spiritual,,haha).

After we finished Jumaat prayer, i found that my smart selipar jepun/fancy flip-flop is gone..damn..i spouted the curse words to those who stole my favourite selipar jepun..but in the end, i just tawakal and take it as a task given from Allah..(chewwah)..

My selipar jepun is look like this but mine is lg smart la..haha :

What a loss..sob3..sedap kot selipar jepun tuh..x smpai sebulan pon aku yg dok kat section 18 ni miskin sgt ke smpai selipar pon xleh nk beli..?Actually, aku selalu solat jumaat kat masjid blakng umh aku jek, but today my dad ajak gi solat jumaat kat section 18 tu..aku pon follow je yg aku dpt..huhu..
xpe2..ade hikmah disebalik kejadian yg menimpa..haha

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