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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night i spent my day from mornin' until the next morning...haha..In the morning, my cousins and i go to Jusco bukit Raja, Klang to watch Percy Jackson & the lightning thief..pergh..mmg terbaik nyer..the movie is about dewa2 Zeues,Athena, Poseidon, but the thing is, all of these are very 'syirik' just to influence people to be 'murtad' by believing all of those things..

As for me, i just take it as my own entertainment and not for real..i know that this movie is one of the 'propaganda' from the christian religion in order to destroy the in THE ARRIVAL..(for those who never had a chance to watch THE ARRIVAL, just type in the YOUTUBE the keywords and you will see the truth what's going on in this world).

The media had closed/cover the eyes of the people in order to accomplish their mission ordered by the Lucifer..

okk..that's enough, this is too religious..orite just close the topic,
the thing is that i wanna say is that movie is quite 'mantap' and you should go for it!

After watching movie, I lepak2 at my cousins' house until lps Maghrib. Then, my uncle want to take us for karaoke at Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang (not Bukit Raja k?) is the second biggest jusco in Asia for real..That place charged 'satu kepale' RM50 but you can eat while you's in the package, buffet lorh..amik sendiri, u can eat until you die..haha..

I managed to sing  the song 'hero' from enrique englesias(slh eja kot) and 'lagu jiwa lagu cinta' from bdo jek..haha..tu pon terpakse..when i sang, i felt like my voice is pulling my stomach out through my oesophagus  out of my bangang..All the ten of us karok until 2 a.m...gile x?since 9 p.m..lame tuh..

pastu, my uncle ajak la pulak mkn supper kat kampung kuantan..i didn't eat because i'm already full so i just drink 'limau nipis'. lepak2 until the clock is nearly 3 a.m and we went back home..tiring but enjoyable..


  1. Jusco bukit tinggi B O R I N G!!

  2. best kot..ala2 midvalley sket..hahah..because the ticket to the cinema costs RM11 like midvalley..(cekik darah)


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