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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Burden Begone!


wahh!!i'd already finished my Muet this morning at 8.40a.m. Mine got to finish early because we were the first group for the ID MC858 to enter the hell's room..hoho

My heart beating too fast on the way my feet stepped inside the room. All of the candidates were kept in the quarantine room before their names been called out for the speaking session.huhu.because they don't want us to cheat by telling our friends after the they've finished that session. the topic for the 7.30a.m session is all the same.

The topic given to us is 'how leisure activities affect the student's academic performace? because of the nervous thingy that prevent my brain to start working, i've wasted plenty of time to generate my points for individual presentation.

the Muet is same like when i was in Petronas' interview, they have both individual and group discussion..the difference is that the topic given in the interview  is much more harder compared to Muet's. My individual presentation was little bit okay compared to my group discussion. I've managed to conclude all my points but i don't know there's excess time or i just finished it on time because we've been given 2 minutes to present our individual presentation.

For my group discussion, i've tried to be active in the discussion, i interrupt the candidates but i didn't have enough explanation to attack her opinion..HAH!what a crap! but the good thing is, i've managed to make the examiner smile(the indian woman, not the man,the man was like 'kerek' to us, he made the face of people who had failed their life,,haha), that is the important part so she can give me extra marks,,haha(perasan)

ape2 pon, aku dh abes Muet..yeay!

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