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Friday, May 21, 2010


Tajuk di ats menunjukkan aku ketuk kepale ku sendiri utk mencari idea ape nk tulih kat blog nih..haish..

Firstly, the burden that i carried last week had faded away from my shoulder..but not all of the thing that left is macroeconomics assignment and after that, i'm free from the cage!now i can run as fast as i could(wth?kononnyer dh xde pemberat kat bahu ku ini,haha..merepek lg..)

Secondly, i'd already finished my critical thinking n business quizzes. Business quiz was a little bit easy(not too easy ok, just a little bit), but critical thinking quiz is hard and i didn't managed to understand almost all of the words written on the paper..haha..i think, that's why the subject is called critical thinking! they need our brain to think as deep as your nose hole..hahah...

Thirdly, tomorrow is my friend's birthday,,Happy birthday to Jonah Lau!Tomorrow u'll be an old man,,haha~because i'm still 18 and younger than U! :D

And on 5th June, there'll be a big event(kot)..Pn. Rohaidah asked for section 5M and 1M to attend that big event, the event is like menari2, dance/aerobic kot..haha..i'm going to that event,,insyaAllah..if i wake up early la that day, but it's not for the sake of Pn. Rohaidah, but for the sake of the certificates and scorun provided!haha..

p/s; mari lah kita menari2..yeah!(lagu Tan Sri S.M. Salim,,haha), pa lanched!


  1. aku x dapt pegi :(

  2. izzah; jgn sedeyh..lain kali ko gi ek?haha


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