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Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm tired of assignments that need my mind to's tiring my nerves to send impulses so that i can find the answers for my tutorial..*sigh*

The efficiency of my brain became poor and poorer..hoho..because i eat a lot..haha..people said that if we consume too much food, our brain will suffer from slow working process or in malay,'kelembapan'..HAH!

is the fact right? i dunno. but there's no scientific evidence that prove this fact..(not sure).

Today, i went to Pasar Sehari with khai,syafiq and Q as usual, i spend almost RM12! That's a lot..and usually i spend only about RM10 and not exceed the limit..

now, i'm trying to do my macroeconomics tutorial and my brain won't cooperate..haha..MALAS! Actually i didn't understand what Sir Zaidi is teaching about the unemployment during my last macroeconomics class..i just want to leave that class as soon as possible..haha..

Maybe because this week is filled with midterms, finance & business management, so that's why i cannot focus in class..

I need a BOOSTER!! but what can boost my spirit to study?hehe..maybe Car?mm..think so..hoho..
i hope i can get my car ASAP..but there's no assurance from my parents,,just a dream..but i hope my dream will come true..

Until then guys..(ayat K.H)

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