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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paling lame di ECM(eastcoastmall)

WE>from left>law,me,capik,nas,safuan,adam,mirul,tammar,stunky(taking the pic) took the 'ting-tong' bus at 9a.m and arrived at Kuantan's terminal around 11a.m. The bus is like 'panas cam ko dok dlm sauna dlm mase 1jam setengah,HAH!'. I think the temperature almost reached 38 degrees Celsius..
The driver drove the bus like 'nk pegi berperang, laju kaw2 and terhenjut-henjut mcm along the jalan ade bonggol,,'
As soon we arrived, we took taxis to go to the hotel Seri Malaysia first for check-in. We waited like 1 hour long to check-in because there's no room available at that time, so  we need to wait until 12 o'clock.

Then, after checking-in, we went to the ECM to buy the tickets for our first movie. This is the first time i watched movies at ECM,,While waiting for the time to show 3 o'clock, we went to KFC to have our lunch.We watched 'Iron Man 2'. That movie is like the best movie of all the science-fiction movies i already watch. It's like 20 times better than 'transformers',,hahah..u should watch it..

After the movie, we buy another tickets for our second movie at 7.30p.m, 'Ip Man 2'. At first, we want to watch our second movie at midnight but we worried that there's no taxi that will take us to the Hotel. The hotel is like 10 minutes journey from the ECM.

Ip Man also is the best among all the chinese story that i already watch..actually i love action-movie, so for those people out there who don't like action movies, better pick other movies to watch.

Our second movie finished at 9.30p.m. then, we went to pizza hut to have our late dinner but unfortunately the restaurant is almost close and they only take for take-away orders(understand?haha,,sorry folks poor english writing,,hu). I bought the cheese-baked meatballs which is so delicious and delicious and delicious again..haha..

Then, we went back to our hotel and sleep(haha..malas nk cte pe yg kitorang buat tyme blk je hotel,,hoho) at 1p.m.

The next morning, we woke up at 6.30 a.m for Subuh prayer..haha..lmbat gile.. A friend of mine told me that i snores and it's the loudest snore among us..haha..MALUNYER!!hoho..pnat sgt kot..After Subuh prayer, we continue to sleep until 10..we packed up and check-out from the hotel at 12p.m sharp..

We took Cepat ekspress bus to go back to our beloved city(should we called it a city?haha), Bandar muadzam shah..the bus is quite comfy compared to 'ting-tong' bus, maybe it's air-conditioned..

Arrived at muadzam at 3.30 p.m

The end~until then guys(HA.HA.)


  1. pegi kuantan
    just to watch movie??
    cm x worth je

  2. izzah;dh x sempat..lain la klu gi kuantan 3 ari ke..leh la wat aktviti lain,,lgpon sume org tgh pokai..hoho


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