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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Burfday mom!

Today is sunday, 30th May which is a special day for my mom because today is her BIRTHDAY!

Happy 57th birthday Mom!

Last two days, i went back home to celebrate my mom birthday as i sacrificed my study time especially for my mom (haha, study la sgt).
Just so you know that this week is my study week and the following week IS MY FINAL! scared dowh..because i need to struggle more on this final because i did poorly for my midterm and quizzes..hah! (wanie help me!)

ok2, back to the topic, before i straightly went back home, i stopped by the Secret Recipe at KL Sentral to buy Indulgence cake for my mom..(only a slice la, i'm broke lol..haha)..I protect the the cake with my's hard for me to take care of the cake in the KTM(train) because you know that indulgence is made of cheese and ice-cream, so it may melt due to the heat though the train is air-conditioned..

At last, i managed to keep the cake from melting..congrats me! As soon as i arrived at my home, i went to the kitchen and quickly put in my beloved cake in the fridge..then i went upstairs to change my 'busuk' shirt..hoho.
After quite some time, i went back to the kitchen to prepare for my the cake as a suprise for my mom. I light up the candle (1 candle only,hehe) and took the cake upstairs (my mom is upstairs).

the description of my mom's face is like the one below when she saw that cake,haha

Unfortunately, the fire went off suddenly before my mom manage to blow it..haha..what a spoil..huhu..but the important thing is my mom really happy to see the cake..hehe.. Yesterday, we went to Concrode Hotel for having a buffet special for my mom..i ate a lot there..haha..(cmne x gemok)..All of the food was so delicious especially the mouth-watering u know mussles?i bet you know's like 'kerang' but a little bit bigger...

Ok that's all, last but not least I luv u Mom!


  1. happy birthday mrs samsudin!
    Semuge panjang umo n murah rezeki :)


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