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Monday, May 17, 2010

Out for Chillis!

Last Wednesday, i went back home after the Muet speaking, i felt so great until the day my friend told me there's quiz for critical thinking! Siot ah!..bru je nk enjoy the moment of my holiday,,this whole crap thing spoiled my mood..Whatever la..

The next day which is Thursday, i went out with my cousin, usually i called him Along*not a real name* because he's older 1 year than me(haha). He's off on that day, so i 'ajak' him to eat *chillis*(not Chillies),different okay..

The above picture shows that a mouth-watering coarse meal,big beef burger with big french fries ..pergh..delicious to the max! i've never eat a big burger like's bigger than the burger king..hoho,,satisfied!
I've ordered texas cheese french fries with beef bacon for our starter..i didn't have the pic because the meal had been eaten vigorously(haha) at the moment i want to take the pic..hiperbole di citu!

We lepak2 almost 2 hours there because the drink, u can refill it anytime you want like my restaurant that i worked for last time, Manhattan Fish Market..really miss that moment..haha..
Then we gerak at mne tah..but i know the mall is beside his work place ..we went there to play

that is my first time playing pool..last time, i've once played snooker(not pool) at my i have the ability la sket..heheh..

the end~

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