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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tired, malas, boring

hi again,

Today is Sunday, i woke up at 12 and felt something leaking from my mouth. i realized that it was my 'SALIVA' that can be described as an expired saliva..haha..again. This happened seldom when i'm feeling too tired or lack of energy.

i sit on my bed and start to think, "have i missed Subuh prayer again?". This is the third time i wake up late due to the midnight movies caused.
felt so guilty but this is just an expression, after a few hours, i will forget about that and do it again the next morning. That is natural, because i'm not the perfect human being on Earth, but i'm trying to improve myself to be one.

this week, i got 2 quizzes, Business maths (practice makes perfect) and Costing(no need to read Lol)..i spent the whole playing my PSP, Yu Gi Oh thing is really making me addicted to PSP..haha..

Now my stomach is empty, i want to get something to eat..


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