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Monday, December 14, 2009

Should I or not ?

I'm thinking of buying African Congo Gray Parrot as a pet..It's interesting to keep it as pet or maybe as my pal because the bird can talk and easy to understand Humans, that's the best part of it.
Besides, its fur is very beautiful with gray-whitish colour of its whole entire body.
The bird can reach its maximum lifespan until 60 years old if well kept (depends on how you take care of it)

But, if  thinking again, all birds including this bird give smelly odour and it is messy for sure due to its SHIT spreading all over the cage.

But for now, it's not the right time to get the bird, maybe i'll buy it next year after i've got my own 'CAR' InsyaAllah, hope it come true..haha

But, thinking again..the price for each African Congo Gray Parrot is highly expensive..i don't know if it is worth to buy.

But, someone told me that if you like or admire something so much, it is worth to buy even though it costs you at a very expensive price.

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